The Co-op Robots

Anyone remember I have posted a couple of times about our local Co-op using little Robots to deliver groceries now? Well I hopped out my car and waylaid one the other day, and got a picture to show you. I call him Roger. :smiley:

As you can imagine, the local kids love 'em.
There’s about half a dozen of them whizzing about.


They are cute…so how do they work then? Do customers put an order into the Co-op online, and the robot delivers it? I’m surprised nobody has pinched one! :smiley:

@PixieKnuckles , Or stabbed onevto death ?? :-1::frowning::frowning::-1:

Not sure how they work Pixie, because I’ve never used one.
They look like they can only hold one bag of shopping, or maybe two squashed in?

I think you have to have a phone App, and that tells you when they are on their way, then you can open the lid with the App, and get your shopping out.

They are funnly little things to watch whizzing about. They stop at kerbs, and stop if anyone stands in front of them. The other day I had to smile because one was coming out of a side turning and another was going along the main pavement and they nearly collided at the street corner. They stopped instantly though, just a couple of feet apart, and manoevered their way round each other, then carried on their journey. They’re clever little things.

It remains to be seen how they manage if we get thick snow this winter though.


What a gruesome thought, Donkey! :hushed:

I would imagine they have built in cameras if anyone tried to nick one or harm it.

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@Mups , Or a ray gun like the Daleks ?? :roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

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Aww they sound adorable!

I imagine they will be fitted with little snow shoes or treads like an army vehicle when the snow comes :joy:

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Gosh. It’s only a matter of time before someone makes one big enough to operate as a hearse.

As an aside, these trundle along the pavements? How does this fit in with other battery operated wheeled things that we’re complaining about? Only a matter of time before someone goes flying over one, and sues.

Well I never

Never seen one

well i would never had believed it , but the photo is the proof !

Not impressed. Not good news for pedestrians. I’m still wondering when we will have to contend with drones delivering packages. The dog will go bananas.

I’m sure Mups said they were aware of obstacles and stopped to navigate around them. Bit like a Roomba.

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Yes, this is true, Pixie.
They must be clever little things, because if anything at all is in their path they stop immediately, even if its a tree.
Same with crossing the road, they never step off the kerb if a car is coming along.
When you stand in front of one, it stops dead, until you have either walked past, or it can manoevre round you.
I have no idea how they are work though.


It’s actually quite intriguing, if these things actually take off (not literally) then I wonder how many of the little trundlers will be sharing the pavement with us pedestrians, the very thought, it’s almost like some kind of video game gone horribly wrong !


Sounds like fun…I’d love to see a little robot coming down the road with my groceries! :smiley:

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If they overheat, do they stop at lamposts, lift up a wheel and release some coolant?


Ah, but will these units be delivering groceries alone?
In theory they could potentially deliver many, many different items for the consumer. Only time will tell.


I have a dream. You know those air tube message pod systems in supermarkets of old, well we could have larger diameter tubes connecting houses to retail outlets and send all sorts of goods through these.

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I suppose it saves the shop employing a delivery man, a van and paying for petrol.
And Robot doesn’t go off sick, turn up late for work, or expect holiday pay. :smiley: