The changing face of beauty

I see there is a move toward more environmentally-friendly products and packaging.
Meanwhile, the ‘cleansing reduction’ movement has spanned to showering and bathing less, as people realise that over-washing isn’t good for the planet or the skin.
I usually bath or shower every other day. I am sure as a child it was only twice a week???

Are any of you bathing or showering every day?
How often do you wash your hair?

You are all going to cringe but I usually bathe twice a day. Once in the morning and again before bedtime. My hair however only gets washed at most twice weekly. I paint my fingernails & toenails too; not that you asked.

I really like being clean.:mrgreen:

I am not cringing, I am the same if it is hot. I do understand the latest advice though. I am agreeing that many chemicals used in soaps etc are not good for us really.
I sometimes paint my nails too - So there:lol:

I shower Monday to Friday after my swim, but not on the W/E unless I’m all hot and sweating. Hair is done during my shower to get the Chlorine out of it.

Oh good. I use all natural cleansing products for both my body and my hair and use coconut oil on both.

When I was growing up I was only allowed a small bath a week , in and out a quick wash as there were 9 of us . When I was in lodgings at 16 I was allowed one small bath a week , when I look back I suppose I wasn’t really clean . Now I love my showers and baths and nice bubbles and perfumes .

I love the smell of coconut. I hate the taste. I use coconut body butter.
I also saw that less water is to be used in beauty products. That natural is the new trend. This should mean cheaper products.:confused:

We all do Susan. I think my hubby used to share baths with his 8 brothers:shock:

I can remember sitting on the kitchen draining board for a wash … I was quite a bit smaller then.

My Grandma did that with me Morti. A good scrub of knees eh? She used to lick her hanky and wipe my mouth too:shock:

WOW! Share a bath with EIGHT brothers?
That’s close. :mrgreen::shock: lol

I guess I shouldn’t complain about sharing a bath with 2 brothers when I was little.

I shower every morning after my walk and before breakfast, and I bathe every evening while dinner is cooking. I wash my hair once a week - make my own shampoos/shower gels from 100% natural products.

One after the other I think.:confused:
Not at the same time.:lol:

I think most do Tabby. But they are saying it is not good for us. We can never win.

I am wondering if anyone makes there own products. That would be interesting.

LMAO! Yeah. I’m slow :lol:

I think people are definitely showering less and nothing to do with the environment. They simply focus on social media instead of hygiene.

I have to wash my hair every day. When I wake it’s all over the place as it’s naturally very wavy but I like it neat. I don’t feel ready to face the real world until I have washed and blown it dry and put my make up on. I used to also straighten my hair with tongs for about ten years but I’ve weaned myself off that.

If I was retired I wouldn’t care so much, would probably sit in a dressing gown with wild hair and drink tea all day - bliss!

Remind me never to ask you a hair-raising question Annie.:mrgreen:
I could never go out without my slap on either.:lol:

Social media instead of hygiene ???
That might be true in the case of young children .
My grandson is loathe to leave his computer for anything M
Dirty little tyke!
I like to shower most days its makes you feel nice and fresh but an all over wash will do the same .
Not really into baths anymore.

Just found this.

I shower each morning, and wash my hair daily too.