The Book of Eli

Starring Denzel Washington . . . it’s the best film he’s ever made IMO.

The story is set 30 years after a nuclear holocaust . . . there are very few survivors and most animal and plant life are dead too . . . Gary Oldman also stars in it along with Ray Stevenson (he was Pullo in the Rome series) . . . I’ve seen the film 4 times and love it . . . there’s a twist at the end you’ll like. :wink:

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I’ve seen that film too Nero, really enjoyed it.

Never heard of it, is it new?

Thanks Denis, I’ve just ordered this from Amazon on your recommendation… it sounds my type of film:-D

Will look for that one. I’m a fan - actually met Denzel Washington when he was filming ‘John Q’. The short scene where’s he’s at work, using a grinder and throwing lots of sparks and chatting with David Thornton, was shot at Babcock & Wilcox Canada (nuclear steam generators manufacturer). I worked in Public Relations at the time and so my boss and I met director Nick Cassavetes and others of the entourage as well as Denzel and David (who is married to Cyndi Lauper). They also agreed to a meet and greet for employees and 500 showed up! Quite a bit of excitement for all of us. :slight_smile:

You won’t be disappointed with it Mags. :wink:

Thanks Denis, it’s not a bad price either … £5.99 Blue-ray.

Thanks for the heads up on this one Denis, I watched it last night and enjoyed it.
A nice twist at the end.

Thanks again.

Yes, I also watched it last week, it took me a while to get into it but then I was hooked.:smiley:

I was quite surprised by the twist at the end … very enjoyable, so thanks, Denis! :023:

Ha ha . . . I just knew you’d all love it . . . it’s agood film eh. :wink:

I too have seen The Book Of Eli Dennis. Although I enjoyed the film and am a big fan of Denzel Washington I humbly think he has made others of equal intensity. Crimson Tide, and the Pelican Brief come to mind. I thought The Book of Eli was unnecessarily violent considering the plot.

Is this an original screen play or adapted from a book? If the latter, would like the title/author, please. Thanks.

Eileen, I am pretty sure this was a screenplay written by Gary Whitta of Star Trek Voyager fame.

There is a book called The Book Of Eli by Sam Moffe but it is nothing to do with this film.