The Big One: Passengers rescued from UK's highest rollercoaster on Blackpool Pleasure Beach

The Big One at Blackpool Pleasure Beach was stopped for safety reasons as thrill-seekers enjoyed the 235ft (71m) high attraction.

Passengers were seen being helped down the rollercoaster’s steep tracks in an image captured from a nearby hotel as the drama unfolded on Tuesday.

A Blackpool Pleasure Beach spokeswoman confirmed the ride was stopped “due to sudden changes in weather conditions”.

She continued: “Guests on the ride were reassured and escorted from the ride by Blackpool Pleasure Beach staff. Due to high gusts of wind the Big One rollercoaster closed for the remainder of the day.”

Blimey … the walk down must have been scary … :scream_cat:


I think you’d have to be a particular sort of mad person to go on it in the first place.Perhaps they thought the walk down added to the fun.


I hope they got their tokens back :slightly_smiling_face:

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As mad as a mad person … :crazy_face:

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Impressive though.I’ d vote for him.I think we should put politicians through tests of endurance like that.

Perhaps we don’t change?

Forgive me Omah , I don’t want to digress but I find this intriguing.

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Well then, I’m a particular sort of mad person then. I do enjoy the thrill of it, even bungee jumping!

I know,we’ve got a photo :grinning:

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If I was fit and young enough to go for adventure sports then hey ho yes. Trained by qualified people, a bit different to a dodgy fairground ride perhaps :wink:

I took a static line skydiving course some years back at Headcorn Aerodrome…I felt I was in safe hands :+1:


Oh yes! I had forgotten!

Flashback :point_down:t4:

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:clap:t3:How many jumps did you do?

Zero…I stayed in bed and breakfast over the weekend just outside the village. One day of training and jumping the next.

Unfortunately there are relatively few days weather wise that allow jumping in the UK .

Sunday was a let down, I had a month to get back to Kent and take the initial jump or take the course all over again and pay a second time.

Two days off work, hanging around at the aerodrome waiting for the clouds to break and the wind to drop but it wasn’t to be.

Maybe it’s the rollercoaster for me after all :wink:

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Oh my goodness what a nightmare.

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A woman has described the ‘horrendous’ moment that she had to walk down from a rollercoaster at Blackpool Pleasure Beach after it stopped mid-ride.

Harriet Molyneux, from Wigan, and her friend Lydia Royale were riding the Big One - the UK’s tallest rollercoaster - at the theme park on Tuesday (April 11) when the carriage stopped on the lift hill. Staff had stopped the iconic ride due to a ‘sudden change in weather conditions’.

Harriet said people ‘screamed and cried’ when the rollercoaster ground to a halt. She said passengers waited around 10 minutes before staff helped walk them down to safety.

“He just said we have to get you off. Someone was crying. People were saying ‘we don’t want to get off’, it was horrendous. My friend said ‘I can’t breath’ she was panicking. It was really high, our hands were like ice it was windy and raining. He kept saying ‘it’s ok don’t look down’ but you had to look down to see where you were going.”

I would have wet myself … but, in that rain, no-one would have noticed (except for the steam … :105:)

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Horrifying! But you might argue that it could have been worse if the whole thing blew off the track. That would have put the people on the ride and the people on the ground at risk.

Horrible all the same. :scream:

Was on that around 30 years ago, scared the living daylights out of me. Once was more than enough. 😵‍💫😵‍💫😵‍💫

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