That's Not Funny!

Why is it that, when I say something that I think is funny, other people reply “hey, that’s not funny”?

Then, when they say something which they think is funny, I, often, think "hey, that’s not funny at all!

Here, on a Forum, we seem to have everything, in the range, right through from “had an amusement bypass” to “should have been a Comedian”.

I hear that there are “Funny Farms” for those who wish to be converted.

How would you describe yourself?

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I think being funny, is something that other people describe you as…because your own humour is just part of you, and its for others humour to align with it, or not.

I sometimes find myself laughing at things on here that maybe weren’t meant as a joke, but in that moment I’m just chuckling away!

I have a habit of saying the wrong thing at the wrong time, which amuses some folk. I also enjoy sarcasm :blush: Its a scottish thing, what can I say!

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Thanks PK!

My oldest daughter cannot, for the life of her, tell a joke.

She’ll drop in from work, absolutely buzzing because of some really funny joke she heard, and then screws it up, or forgets the punch line!


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I’m like that…! Its so awkward for all concerned, haha!

I don’t find this thread at all funny. (Just joking :grinning:)
I love a good laugh. Usually the sillier the better.
Not really that worried if people don’t think any thing I say is funny. As long as I’m amused :joy:

Well Tedc, if you’re going to say something funny then please be prepared for a funny response/retort to your comment


OK. The next time I say something funny is planned for Boxing Day, this year.

I’ll try to remember!

Glad we’re on the same page


As having the requ ired sense of humour necessary to participate in forums like this, probably.

Despte what I have absolutely no doubt whatsoever that some people might think, even my chosen username surely suggests somebody who really doesn’t take his participation in a forum too seriously.
A sense of humour helps, but there are different flavours and even degrees of humour.
Mine tends towards what some might describe as zany.