Telling Them What Not to Buy For Christmas!

I’m wondering if I should tell my lot that I have, at least, one day’s booze in stock!

Have you told yours what you might like them to buy for you?


My family and friends have know for many years what single malt I prefer and what I would not even clean my tools with. As for all this modern faddy stuff, well, I do believe its good for removing traffic smear from my windscreen :wink::grin::+1:


I use to love Ponche Cabellero mix of Brandy and Fruities with a coffee or three.After quite a long period I felt off colour…
Went to the Dr’s and had some blood tests, was told showing signs of liver damage and diabetes.
I honestly can’t say if it was a scare tactic but the Ponche Cabellero had liqueur and sweetness so without realising the combinations were Toxic for the amount I could consume…
Never had any strong alcohol since…I drink red wine and like cider sometimes… We did have optics at our first home in Beddington and the area was finished off with shelving as a Bar would have taken up to much space…


Hm DW!

Sailors stay away from bottles through which they cannot see!

Could be anything in there!


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The King’s shilling?

Call me Bob!

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No Bailey’s @Tedc ?

I won’t be visiting you this year! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

No, Mags, I think it goes off, if not downed the day you buy it!


What a shame! :grin:

I have never tried Baileys…:thinking: Is it nice? Oh wait…maybe I have actually…a creamy drink? To be sipped rather than…drunk?

Cream, Cocoa and Irish Whiskey.

It’s so nice you’ll think it’s harmless.


Ahh…well…that happened before, many years ago with some Gin. My lesson from that was that the nicer something tastes, the less it should be drunk :+1:

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It’s the thought that counts for me and not the actual gift. I’m always grateful for any gift I receive.

But, I’ve never received alcohol as a gift!


I use to prefer neat Vodka…Rosi Me and Husbands 5 little darlings not,were in Wales and went into a Pub I had my Vodka and Rosi has Vodka and a mix…mine was found to be 100% water…obviously so was her’s but she could not tell…
.it rained it rained and rained…we drove across to Watchet in Somerset…the year was when the miners strike was on…My husband managed very easily to upset a guy that was also camping, he made some comments about the miners …turned out he was Welsh… :zipper_mouth_face:

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