IMO teeth are very important in looking good .
I can never understand why people neglect their teeth .
I know not everyone can afford expensive dentistry but bad teeth are so aging .

Some people are afraid of going to the dentist!

I am terrified of Dentist and only go if i’m in pain, but luckily enough I have good teeth.

I clean my teeth four times a day with Pro Expert.

I have a full set of teeth, so I am lucky.

My Mum died at the age of 95 with all her own teeth.

My sister was horrified when she was told she had gum disease , she regularly went to the dentist and looked after her teeth , she changed dentists for some reason and he told her on her first visit of the problem that had been overlooked by the previous dentist . Over time she lost her teeth and decided she would have implants rather than dentures . The implants cost £13000 , luckily she had some savings , her teeth look lovely and she has always taken care of them , now as she’s getting older her face shape has changed , now she has to return to the dentist and the cost will be high as nothing can be done on the NHS as the previous work was done privately .

Our mother lost all her teeth as a young woman in her 30s due to gum disease and we wondered if it could be hereditary , yet I have good teeth .

I do think that some people are predisposed to gum desease .
My mother had poor teeth and lost many of them yet my Dad had all his teeth until he died at nearly 87.
I seemed to have inherited my mother’s teeth although I still have all of mine but I do care for them I go regularly to the hygienist ( at least twice a year) they clean all the plaque off your teeth that you can’t reach and which eventually leads to gum desease .

I’ve always brushded mine regularly and gone for 6 monthly check ups. I’ve have the hygienist of late too.

I’ve never had a sweet tooth for sweets and chocolates and stuff.
Only teeth I ever had to have removed were my wisdom teeth because they were impacted. Still got all my others, some not even filled.

I do agree with Muddy about hereditary problems though.

I have never understood this implant business. Surely the teeth are still a denture and the implants only hold the denture in place?

I have given up visiting the dentist. No chance of NHS around here, they are all private and I cannot afford that. It’s a shame I am not a refused asylum seeker because then I could get treatment for free.


I lost my teeth as a teenager, kicked out by a calving Cow.

Best thing that ever happened to me.

Great falsies at a fraction of the cost of a Dentist.

You could not tell the difference.

Just done an impression, new ones arriving in 5 weeks, 12 years since the last ones.

Cost in the UK over £2000, same manufacturer, cost abroad, £383 delivered.

Rip off Britain again.

It was done privately as the NHS don’t do implants . I had a back tooth out 2 years ago , I asked if I should have a bridge but there was a prob with attaching it to another tooth , dentist said I could pay for an implant but it was £1000 for a single tooth ! . I’ve done without either and it’s no problem


My teeth are in the best shape they have been in for years. It’s probably 10 years since I had a filling.
I didn’t look after them as a child though and have many fillings at the back and they are not especially brilliant white. I have a crown in the top middle too which is not as white as the rest. Someday I will get them all sorted to look really nice, if money permits :040:

I have my check up every six months, our present dentist is very pleasant. The dentist I had as a child was a sadistic monster who enjoyed inflicting pain.:twisted: When I had two wisdom teeth taken out at the age of ten, I looked like road kill after he had finished. My mother sacked him.

Most people don’t have wisdom teeth until they are in their late teens.

I.m petrified of the dentist due to a terrible experience when I lived in Spain but I still go as toothache is awful. I have the hygienist work twice a year as well as normal dentistry. My teeth are in fairly good shape, while I had a few fillings as a child I haven’t needed any as an adult. I don’t know if that’s down to the fact I don’t eat sweet stuff or take sugar? Bad teeth look awful but some people just have such a fear of dentists they just can’t face their fear. I.m a quivering wreck in the dentist chair but I think I am getting better. Oh, I once remember having a filling as a teenager and they injected the roof of my mouth, jesus, Joseph and Mary, that bloody well hurt, I thought my skull was gonna explode. Urgh awful memory.

I agree, practically impossible.
Apparently some people mistake their second molars for wisdom teeth.

If they are impacted, like mine were, they are usually a great deal later than teens before they come through even.

I had mine early, I had all my second teeth by the time I was eight.

Wisdom teeth come between the ages of 17 & 25

As I said mine came early, unusual but not unheard of.

As we get older the enamel hardens so we hopefully don’t have the same cavities as we did when we were children.
Dentists have come a long way needles are so fine they are practically painless and the dentist can rub a numbing agent on the gums first .
As a child I too was petrified and with good reason!

When my father was a kid in the 20s/30s, the pharmacist would pull out a decaying tooth with a pair of pliers.:shock: