Tax cuts could turbocharge Scotland's economy - Liz Truss

The prime minister suggested measures outlined in her mini-budget - which have prompted market turmoil - should be replicated at Holyrood. She also backed an increase in nuclear power plants in Scotland and upping North Sea fossil fuel production to fight the energy crisis.

Westminster’s tax plans, which include scrapping the 45p income tax band for top earners, have not been adopted at Holyrood, where income tax powers are devolved.

In an interview with BBC Scotland, ahead of Conservative party conference, the prime minister said she was “very keen” to work with Nicola Sturgeon on growing the Scotland’s 's economy. She said: “I’m keen to use more of the resources in the North Sea, also see more nuclear power stations built across the country, including in Scotland. And I’m very keen to talk to Nicola Sturgeon about that because I think it will help us make sure we have long-term energy security, that alongside wind power in Scotland we have nuclear energy in Scotland. Scotland is a country that has fantastic entrepreneurs, fantastic exports. I believe that by improving infrastructure, by reducing taxes we can really turbocharge the Scottish economy. I’m keen to work with Nicola Sturgeon on that.”

Unsurprisingly, Nicola Sturgeon, along with the rest of the world, has condemned the prime minister’s tax cuts and, I assume, is less than keen to “work” with Ms Truss.


Yes, funny how the PM suddenly wants to work with an attention seeker, isn’t it :roll_eyes:

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Is it because LT has run out of English friends … :thinking:

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