Taken with a camera or camcorder quiz?

Just a little challenge for all

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Yes, definitely taken with a Camera or a Camcorder. What’s the prize?

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Pretty, but what is the quiz theme/question, RS?

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Look at the heading it says taken with a camera or camcorder. which do you think was used to take the photo with. There is a reason to see if anyone can tell the difference.

Bruce your prize is a bag of peanuts if you care to come and collect

How is this a quiz, am I missing something? :thinking:

defination of a quiz is “a test of knowledge between people”, ok more of a challenge if that suits better

This is not a test of knowledge, it is purely an exercise in guesswork. You may as well light a cigar and ask was it lit with a match or a lighter. :102:

In the past you’ve mentioned about taking a still photo by extracting it from a camcorder recording
so I am going to opt for the answer as being ‘taken with a camcorder’. :grinning:

I am going to opt for who gives a monkey’s. :see_no_evil: :hear_no_evil: :speak_no_evil:

That’s up to you entirely. I don’t do posts like that and if it’s of any interest to anyone I never will! :grinning:

top one yes with a camcorder. this with a DSLR camera. the reason for piutting this up was to see if anyone noticed a real difference between the two

I’m not sure why I do posts like that, but I probably always will.

Your prerogative entirely. :grinning:

The original one has possibly been cropped so not an entirely like for like comparison is how I see it. Had the one taken with a DSLR camera been cropped so showed a similar sized image then it might have been possible to see any difference. Maybe even then it might not have been possible to say which one was taken with which device though. :grinning:

ok if some don’t like which is fair enough and understandable, what I don’t understand is why bother to even look let alone make a comment. Seems like just trolling

The one taken with the DSLR, has a warmer glow to it, and the one with camcorder is more natural I would say. I prefer the still taken with the camcorder.

I didn’t grasp your meaning, RS, wondered what the quiz was, but then I am only an old woman with a point & shoot camera & I thought your OP could be either, had no idea of the difference, sorry, could be either.

No probs not many do understand my crazy way of wording things

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I don’t understand it either, RS, if it’s any consolation. :001:

I think trolling is more menacing.

Yes I do as well. I have added an ultra violet filter to the camcorder not just to cut out that kind of light but also to protect the lens and shutter as they are both too close to the front of the camera for most peoples liking. Dust and dirt are a photographers worst nightmare.