Sweet & cheap

Sweet & cheap - That’s what they say about Liebfraumilch white wine but I love it.
Wine connoisseurs avoid it like the plague!!

I discovered it in the 70’s & have never found a wine I like better.
I buy a bottle every week to enjoy at home with my evening meal.

When I go out for a meal/drink, Pinot Grigio is my choice as Liebfraumilch isn’t sold at many dining places.

I don’t know why it’s become so unpopular - the Supermarkets seem to do a good trade selling it.

Is it just people looking for sweet & cheap to drink at home?

Why don’t pubs/restaurants sell it anymore?


I guess it’s something that’s just gone out of fashion, almost half forgotten perhaps? Having said that I’m quite intrigued by your question. I know someone who runs a bar in a larger hospitality setting where I work on a regular basis. I’ll have to ask her next week when I’m back in.

I haven’t heard nor seen it for decades here “Downunder” so was surprised it still existed. Chilled on a warm day I found it enjoyable. I’m guessing you know what the name means.
I must have a peep sometime to see if stlll available here. Gee, seems so long ago. :slightly_smiling_face:

I remember liebfraumilch from my teens. It was popular in the late 70s probably because there wasn’t much choice of affordable wines in those days, next to Pink Lady and Thunderbird.

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I used to drink it but found it a little too sweet,i drink red wine now.
Sainsburys do a lovely bottle called Penguin,and it is under a fiver,in red and white.

I do not really drink but I too always loved Liebfraumilch and especially Black Tower and Blue Nun.
It doesn’t seem to be available now though.
Where do they still sell it?

I do not buy Liebfraumilch for myself - but I remember those teenage days when we all drank it,
Nowadays, I only buy Liebfraumilch when one of my two most long-standing friends come to stay - they have both retained the taste for the sweetness of Liebfraumilch - it is their favourite wine, so I buy it when they come to visit.
I have seen that mouth-pursing shudder if they have tried a glass of wine as dry as I like it, so I wouldn’t expect them to drink the wine I enjoy.

Most supermarkets around here stock Liebfraumilch - I try to find Blue Nun if I can but sometimes I have to fall back on a supermarket own-brand - I have not seen the Black Tower Brand for ages - is it still produced?

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I almost mentioned Black tower earlier. It had a very loyal following. I’m not sure why German wines were so popular back then. Price perhaps?

That reminds me - does anyone remember the popular Mateus Rose wine from Portugal in those oval shaped bottles? I used to love that too!
Just about every Bistro in England had empty Mateus Rose bottles on the tables, with candles stuck in the top - and copious amounts of candle wax flowing down the sides - it was a bit of an art to get the candle to “gutter” to send that wax flowing down the sides of the bottle! … yeah, a lot of folk from my generation had them at home too!


Couldn’t find a pic of one with a candle in it - but here’s one with the wax still on it!