Suspended MP Margaret Ferrier - Update - MP loses seat after recall petition - By-election will take place

The 61-year-old, who represents Rutherglen and Hamilton West, is accused of making the trips despite being told to self-isolate.

Ms Ferrier is also said to have travelled in and around Glasgow over three days in September 2020.

She denies wilfully exposing people to the risk of illness and death.

  • she apologised for it when she got suspended. Surely she didn’t think that would be the end of the matter!
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Selfish and irresponsible, she may well have killed people and should be prosecuted. Despicable way to act up.

But in the light of just how much rule breaking went on, Cummings, parties in the Houses of Parliament, condoned by Johnson etc, it seems a bit harsh that she’s being put on trial while others got away with it.

A scapegoat, I suppose.

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She did put herself about a bit:

It is alleged that she culpably and recklessly booked a COVID test, stating in the application that she had symptoms of the virus.

Her alleged journeys, between 26 and 29 September 2020, included trips to Lifestyle Leisure Centre in Rutherglen, Vanilla Salon and Sweet P Boutique.

She is also alleged to have visited Grace and Flavour in East Dunbartonshire, St Mungo’s Church in Glasgow and Vic’s Bar in Prestwick, Ayrshire.

Even a Tory would have been hard put to provide an excuse … :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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If she is facing charges so should Boris.


How so? He didn’t travel the length and breadth of the country, infecting people


There have been instances though, where he hasn’t worn masks in the company of others though. AND there was that party. So…he isn’t exactly an angel himself!

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Ah . . But did Boris also have covid symptoms at the time, like Margaret Ferrier is alleged to have had?


No, probably not Mups…I think he did actually obey the self isolation rules when he was told he had covid… as far as I know :woman_shrugging:

Margaret Ferrier is just plain selfish and deserves the book thrown at her. :angry:

Edit - I found this a moment ago though…


At a pre-trial hearing at Glasgow Sheriff Court, the current charge was amended by prosecutors to include the Test and Protect accusation.

Prosecutor Mark Allan told the court that Ms Ferrier, who represents Rutherglen and Hamilton West, failed to inform NHS Scotland contact tracing officials that she attended the Houses of Parliament on 28 September 2020.

Ms Ferrier, whose attendance was excused, continued to plead not guilty through her lawyer Neal McShane.

The charge states that Ms Ferrier was at a variety of locations over the three days. These include Lifestyle Leisure centre, Sweet P Boutique and Vanilla Salon in Rutherglen

Ms Ferrier also allegedly visited Grace and Flavour, Bearsden, East Dunbartonshire, as well as St Mungo’s Church, Glasgow and Vic’s Bar in Prestwick, Ayrshire.

The charge states Ms Ferrier made a taxi journey from her home in Glasgow’s Cambuslang to the city’s Central train station.

It is claimed she travelled to London Euston station and elsewhere in the English capital including the Houses of Parliament.

Ms Ferrier is then said to have made the return journey to Glasgow from London by train.

Sheriff Andrew Cubie continued the case until the trial, which is due to start on 15 August.

I wonder what the penalty will be when if she’s found guilty … :question:

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Yes, lets not be too hasty and judge her! She may well be completely innocent :roll_eyes: If its found that she did do a few things wrong, well…she’ll get a little fine most likely and a ticking off, because it was such a long time ago :018:

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An MP has pled guilty to breaching Covid rules by travelling by train after being told to self-isolate during lockdown.

Margaret Ferrier admitted that she culpably and recklessly exposed the public to the virus.

Ms Ferrier travelled in and around Glasgow and between Scotland and London in September 2020.


Brilliant news! And thank you for the title edit :+1: I wonder what her punishment will be…surely she will need to stand down as Independent, for a start!


No problem … I hope that it’s OK … advise me if an alternative is preferred … :023:

AFAIK, there’s no precedent for her offence. Other regulation infringements (see BJ) were dealt with as summary offences, which do not come with prison sentences. They are only punishable by fines.

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Well even a fine would be preferable to it being swept under the carpet and hoping it’s all forgotten about. It beggars belief how any sane person can travel around in a pandemic knowing they have the virus :scream:


AFAIK, the “recall” rules are:

The Act introduces a process by which an MP will lose their seat in the House of Commons if a petition to recall them is successful. The Petition Officer will open a recall petition after the Speaker of the House of Commons notifies them that an MP has been convicted of an offence and received a custodial sentence (including a suspended sentence) or ordered to be detained, other than solely under mental health legislation.

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Well, we shall await the punishment then :thinking: (I swear to goodness, she had better not claim anything relating to mental health though…!)

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Retracted- failed attempt at humour.

I’m not clear on what you mean by that?

Have edited it out.

Why has it taken two years?

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