Surfermom's Great Labradoodle Encounter


I am running in a large sportsplex where there are ball fields, a track, open areas for running, etc. There is a sign at the entrance that reads, “No Pets.” I am a rule follower, but understand the frustration of pet owners who have few places to exercise their pets off leash in our community.

On my running course, I can see that there is an older couple with a labradoodle. They are throwing a soft frisbee and the dog is retrieving it. They see me coming, but do nothing to restrain their dog other than to continue to distract him with the frisbee.

As I run by, all seems well until the friendly dog is suddenly under my feet, hopping about and being very playful. I had anticipated this as a possibility.

The owner is repeatedly shouting the dog’s name.

What do you think happened next? What did the owner do, what did the dog do, and what did I do?

What was the outcome?

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The dog knocked you over?:frowning:

I forgot the important question, “What did the owner do?”

Good guess! However, I initially managed with a lot of hopping about to prevent getting tangled up with the dog.

In effort to move this along…

The first hint is that the owners were a fair amount older, and the exuberant showed no signs of retreating.

You took the dog home to live with you?


One of them tried to restrain the exuberant dog … fell … and broke a hip and you had to accompany them to the hospital along with the distraught other-half.

A runner’s nightmare Surfermom…:frowning:
I hope your toe is still intact …If not, I hope the dog owners are well insured…I also hope you took photographs…They don’t have a leg to stand on…But I hope you did Surfer…:cool:

The owners told you off for getting in the dogs way!
After which you snapped their frisbee and hurdled the dog as you continued on your run?

The dog ran with you because it needed proper exercise which it’s elderly owners can’t do.
The couple sat and watched with big smiles on their faces.
Dog tired out. Job done.
Couple were ecstatic and invited you back for tea.
You had to carry the dog as it was so exhausted.


Good guesses, but no.

Dear heavens, Silver Tabby, there is enough dog hair in this house to knit a sweater :shock::lol:! As much as I love them, I am determined to remain capped at three (down from four when we lost our sweet border collie a few months ago, and from five a few years prior to that).

Back to the story:

I stopped, bent over to be friendly to the pup and turned to steer the dog towards the owner who was shouting repeatedly at the top of his lungs, “Mac! Come here, Mac!..”

The dog keeps jumping (with zero attention towards his owner), I have one hand half petting the dog and half keeping him at bay walking fast towards the owner…

Now what happens?

All sent flying by a man on a unicycle.

I don’t know but I am waiting with baited breath :lol:

You end up riding the dog - like in a rodeo?

It seems that Rhian is not to far off, and yes, ST I was more riding him than running with him :lol:

As I got nearer to the owner with the dog, he stopped shouting the dog’s name and started shouting at me, "Don’t show that dog any affection! Stop petting that dog!

It took me a second to react, but I kept urging the dog (still jumping all over me and quite underfoot) forward. With his wife standing silently nearby, he bellowed again, “STOP PETTING MY DOG!!! HE IS IN TRAINING! DON’T TOUCH THAT DOG ONE MORE TIME!”

Now, what do you think I thought/said/did?

Something totally unrepeatable on a public forum - but in an elegant ladylike manner!

I hope he left wearing a frisbee! :smiley:
Around his neck!

I think I would have said 'The training clearly isn’t working your dog is ignoring you and I am not surprised :shock: You should learn about positive reinforcement training methods ‘’

Ah, I should have thought of putting the frisbee around his neck, Rhian, but alas, I reached down and tossed the frisbee for the dog as both he (the dog) and I were more interested in fun than Mr. Grump.

As the dog dashed off, the man chastised me once again. I thought of all the things I could have said about violating the park policy with the dog, failure to have the yet untrained dog on a leash, (yes, Meg) a lack of skill in training, and most of all, a deplorable lack of manners and appreciation. I just smiled and waved at his wife who waved weakly back.

After all, I couldn’t be that upset, it was just a pup we were dealing with …

But I couldn’t help say, laughing, as I turned and ran off…

What do you think?

" You couldn’t train a mouse" :twisted: