Supper time

Here you go happy campers, good Scottish food, he always gives me generous portions and the fish are really big. :smiley:

Yummy! I’m glad I’ve had my garlic mushroom linguine and don’t feel hungry.
Scottish F&C are the best I’ve ever had - lovely haddock, beautifully prepared - no skin, no bones - and good chips, sometimes nice dark ones, which I really enjoy

Have you got chips with it as well ???

ooh! Nero that is so cruel!!!

But where’s the chips ??? Have they been eaten before the fish???

Yummy…I’m salivating like Nero now! :mrgreen:

Of course Alicat, I had a fresh roll which I buttered and put some chips on it, . . . had to wipe the drool off me gob when I finished of course. :lol: :lol: :lol:

:lol::lol::lol: Ah, that’s more like it Nero. I can sleep sound in my bed tonight knowing you’ve had the chips :lol:

:-(:-(Now I am hungry…:-(:lol:

The dogs scoffed one of the fish BTW, there was too much for me. :wink:

The first thing I am going to do when I get back to Aberdeen, is have a huge fish supper!!!

Oh dear, you Brits and Scots are going to think I’m really weird, but I do not like fried fish!
Has to be broiled.

Oh yes Moli, crisp and reekin warm. :slight_smile:

Sure if you had a fish supper from the chipped Eileen, you would love it!:wink:

Oooh lovely fish and chips! Chips aren’t the same since I have had to give up salt though.

Can’t you use the Lo salt??

I don’t know, I am supposed to scrutinise labels for salt content (high blood pressure).

I take med for HBP, and have used Lo-salt for years, does not seem to do me any harm…

Other than French fries which I dearly love, I just do not like fried food…won’t even eat that American classic Southern fried chicken! (And I complain that my cat is picky…:mrgreen:)

I tried the Southern Fried Chicken Eileen, and must admit, did not like it at all…