Supermarket Swerving

Apparently of late, most leading supermarkets near me, have adopted the annoying habit of having loads of staff filling up shelves from cages, getting in everyone’s way, and making it tedious trying to get to the shelves. Even worse when there are loads of customers. Shelves used to be replenished during the night, when the stores were closed. Now to save paying staff that bit extra, they do the filling up during opening hours. So maddening!! :weary: :weary:


Yup, not to mention those yellow trollies they collect the online orders in


Simple solution? We get our groceries delivered to our door.


More and more I’m hearing about robots restocking the shelves at stores. Soon they won’t be paying anyone to stock the shelves.

Yes, I’ve noticed both restocking shelves and picking orders for delivery to customers

I’ve also noticed the increase in self service checkouts and the reduction in yer actual human powered ones
Fortunately I am retired, so I can shop at quiet times, and it doesn’t matter too much if my shopping takes a bit longer

We now have the situation of the tail wagging the dog, where supermarkets are run for the benefit of the company, not the customers; yes, it might always have been like that, but now it has become so obvious
Well, such is life, but this has removed any remaining enjoyment of shopping and store loyalty that I might have had


Yes me too as I hate shopping for groceries …supermarkets hateful places.

I don’t like shopping of any kind, supermarkets or otherwise. But then I’m just a grumpy old git!

I worked on checkouts for a few years, then because a checkout manager before going into Personal.
They are no problem to me, BUT, I HATE SELF SERVICE.


I refuse self service… i went for milk and bread… on my way to check-out i saw milk in someones trolly…lol… i still spent over £30…

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I enjoy shopping,love looking for a bargain,you can`t do that if you have your shopping delivered.
Hate self service,but sometimes i just have to use them.

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I enjoy shopping at our local Tesco. I know some of the staff and give them a ‘Good morning’ I always go early and there’s hardly anyone in except the shelf stackers, so no problem getting around. Fortunately they don’t run the local home delivery service from our Tesco, so there are no pickers. but I understand it can be a problem up the road at Sainsbury’s.
I sometimes bump into a neighbour or friend and we have a nag. I don’t necessarily look for the bargains, but am chuffed when I look at the receipt and see that I’ve saved some dosh by using my loyalty card. I believe that going shopping and walking down to the surgery and chemist to collect my prescription keeps me active so I will do it as long as I’m able. As the saying goes…‘Use it, or lose it’


yes mr Fox i’m similar, i mainly use Morrisons, and or tesco… they both ave certain features that you will never be aware of unless you attend… and collecting prescriptions, the chemist was tell the lady in front of me about home delivery…lol… so when it was my turn i asked about it and was told it wasnt for the likes of me it was for old folks, i pointed out i was ten years older than the old lady they were trying to convince…lol… but i still didnt get it…its not easy being a super stud…rofl


You can attend but them but it costs you to get there and back.

Although I have supermarkets in walking distance I changed to online shopping because I hate supermarkets so much.
But another benefit has been that there are lot of special offers online that are not in store, so I save more than the £1 it costs to deliver.

i understand what you say… i have pointed out i go for milk and spend £30… but i havea sheltered life now… so my wander round the store might be the highlight of my day… sad i know…


Well, that’s fair enough. We walk the dog and usually have a visit with our friend a few doors down - she is disabled.

Internet shopping… :009:
Maybe if you have a demanding, time consuming job, or are disabled, it’s just the answer, but I don’t think humans were designed to sit on their arses plugging away at a keyboard or watching box sets. A lot of the health problems associated with today’s lifestyle can be attributed to the keyboard/internet/box sets…And quite a few mental health ones also.
I might be the exception because I enjoy a meander around the supermarket, but if you want some advice…Never go shopping to a supermarket if you are hungry…


No, unfortunately not for many including myself for a whole range of reasons.

With you 100% OGF. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Care to elaborate ?