Super bike AND Moto GP this weekend!

Today we have practice and the first SBK race
taking place in portugal , and the Moto GP race
taking place in Texas tonight??
The second superbike race takes place tomorrow!!
All this can be seen on Eurosport 2 for no cost !!
Highly recommended by me !?:grin::grin::grin:
Donkeyman! :+1::+1:


watching moto gp fp3 the noo on bt sport 2

There is also European Truck Racing from Spain, which is always worth watching.

@Caveman2 Me too Caveman, l think it’s the same as Eurosport though ??
Susie Perry and her team for Moto ?

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A nice day for sport today DK


@Gee3 ,. I thought they had no drivers ??
Donkeyman! :thinking::thinking:

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@Minx ,. Not in the UK Minxy, it’s peeing down here !!
British Super Bikes has been wet so far ?? :weary::weary:
Donkeyman! :-1::-1:

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Sorry about that DK!!!

Yes The lovely Miss Perry and team Bagnaia on pole shame would have like miller up top as Ithink he would have a great chance The tracks a joke and dangerous guaranteed crashes 2morrow
Love moto 3 brilliant close racing and even they were struggling with the track love wee Mcphee and binder Mcphee is from Oban a place I like going on my bike so have a soft spot for him but Leopard bikes look like they will be hard to beat

race is tomorrow night just qualifying today

@Caveman2 , Yes , seems you are concentrating on Moto
then Caveman ?? There’s so much biking onnthis weekend
it’s hard to choose what to watch ??
I think the World Super Bikes has been particularly good this
year because the reigning world champion Johnathan Rea,
has is being beaten at long last by a newbie and looks to be
dethroned this year??
Race 2 mstarts later this morning in Portugal ! Johnathon fell
off yesterday whilst leading !!
I see they are showing yesterday’s highlights right now so l
will say TTFN !!
Donkeyman! :+1::grin::grin::+1:

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No, this is EUROPEAN truck driving. Not UK. :grin:


Did you see the last lap crash out! Race 2? Huertas won

MotoGP isn’t on my pay per view :exploding_head:
I’m so disappointed :frowning:

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Desperate times! Watching on my daughter’s Facebook :rofl:

I hope they broadcast the entire race on Facebook Live


Update: super bike transmission ends in 8 minutes perhaps MotoGP up next!

@Minx , Huerta’s is only racing the baby bikes, (300cc) Minxy !!
wait till you see the big boys??
I think l can say this week end has been one of the best week
ends for motor bikes for ever ??
And there is more to come tonight in Texas !
Donkeyman! :grinning::grinning:
PS, l think you will get a recorded version on BT Sport for nowt ??

:grin: can’t wait :cowboy_hat_face:

Argentina up next!

moto 3 red flag mcphee in 3rd at time and looking very good

about to re start

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