Sunrise this morning

The sunrise was so lovely this morning I could not resist a happy snap or two - just look at the colours in the sky!

Maybe one of our more professional photographers could tell me why each photo has a small red dot in the middle - my camera has never done that before.




Great photos Tabby, I also witnessed the sunrise on our way to Tesco…Beautiful…
Was in your neck of the woods yesterday, enjoying a Turkey, Bacon and stuffing bake at M&S in the Vanguard Centre. Such a shame about John Lewis, It looks like all my clothes will be coming from M&S in the future. Next is rubbish!

Wish I had known - would have come and said Hi !

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Gorgeous photos! I love a good sunrise. No idea about the dot? A reflection, a dot on the lens? :woman_shrugging:

No - the lens is clean. Maybe the camera was trying to tell me something - not sure what though! Maybe realspeed or d00d will know.

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Are you an Orb believer? I’m not, but many people are.

Lovely pictures ST :slightly_smiling_face:

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Orb believer? What are they, Pixie? Sounds intriguing.

Thank you.

Thank you ,sexy legs!


Personally I don’t think that red spot looks like a spiritual orb.

Here you go Tabs.

@Mups - Thank you, Mups, had not heard of them before.

Personally I think it could be Rudolf doing some pre-Christmas investigation for Santa and his nose is shining through his invisiblility cloak!

Yes, I think that is quite feasible Tabby.
Rudolph it is then. :grinning:

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Beautiful sunrise, Tabby……

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Ah. That’s beautiful.
I’m jealous though. I thought you folk were supposed to have dismal grey clouds. Along with that wet stuff coming from the sky! :slight_smile:

Oh. Is the term a ‘dag of rain’ or a ‘dag of wet’ still used there? I came across it the other day in an old book and am curious!
Oops, went off topic there a bit. Sorry!
But still curious! :slight_smile:

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Not come across that one before, LMB, and you can be as off topic as you like - it is just so lovely to see you posting again!

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Hi Tabs

Lovely photos. It looks like a touch of lens flare.

Some strange things happen when you point the camera at the sun. Maybe damaging to your image but not the camera.

Personally, I love the streaks of light in the second shot but the red dot in the tree looks odd & distracting, so would get rid of it.

The first shot … I think I like the red dot!

Thanks d00d - that article is really helpful - have book marked it to keep for reference. I know one is not supposed to photgraph directly into the sun but it can produce some lovely effects.

The same people have done another article on Red Dots …

Kind of interesting but nothing much to worry about.

I know if I want a starburst type effect, I use the smallest aperture. And to avoid the flares, I avoid using a macro lens and/or any lens I know to cause a problem

I know you like your low sun shots Tabs. Keep at it. And even when the sun is high in the sky, you can get interesting results when it is partly obscured.

Thanks again, d00d, that explains it perfectly. I was worried that my faithful little Ixus was cracking up on me!

Can I suggest you put on a filter first over the camera lens before photographing the sun. Just a thought as it may reduce the glare

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