Sunflower in a pot

The seed must have been in the compost, we have three pots on the decking they all have a sunflower in them.


That is beautiful, caricature , I love what you’ve planted around it as well, so pretty!.:heartpulse:

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@pauline3 , the sunflower is a bonus.

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Yes,I’ve just read it must have been in the compost, it looks perfect,so pretty,:grin:

Love sunflowers :slightly_smiling_face:

Beautiful! :slightly_smiling_face:

I think they must be my favourite garden flowers of all time x

Has anyone ever tried to photograph or video their physical pursuit of the sun in a 24 period!??

I have seen YouTube clips but to see it first hand must be an incredible exoerience

Lovely sunflower Barrie! How old is it and how tall do you think it will get? One of my neighbours has one and it’s huge :lol:

About a yard and half tall.It was in the compost so this year’s seed, 4 months maybe.

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Such a happy looking flower.

So did Van Gogh, and it cost him an ear. :102: