Suitable Swim Dresses

It’s been discussed that regular swimwear can be too revealing for some women but I recently found a new style of bathing suit called swim dresses.

Check them out. They are very practical and attractive.

These are cute and very practical .
There is nothing worse IMO than these inelegant groin revealing high leg efforts .

I agree. These ARE very cute and practical. There are certain areas I don’t even want to look at. :lol:

Here are the pictures for better viewing
This one is my favourite. Is it cute or what?

Very pretty but highly impracticable for actually getting wet and swimming.

Well I’m an avid swimmer and except for maybe the blue one I could definitely swim in any of them. In my opinion, they are VERY practical.

The green one is my favourite though.
I think I’m going to purchase some.

Only if you are an olimpic racer .

… and there was I thinking the title was about looking for a swimsuit for our Swimmy! :smiley:

Very nice swimsuits though…

I think any of them would be suitable for Swimmy. :wink: :lol:

Even the backs of these swim suits are very practical.
Check it out

Who needs to shave their head too. :mrgreen:

No, I meant 20 or 30 lengths in a public pool, I just think these dresses are more suitable for leisure wear. Just my opinion!

I could easily swim a mile in any one of these except maybe the blue one.

I go to the pool at least twice a week & can’t imagine ever getting in the water wearing one of those. I would get stared at!!

They look most impractical & I feel they would billow out when I was swimming.

They are pretty though.:slight_smile:

Aye,very pretty,but too nice to get wet :-p…I’d love to be able to swim a mile in a swimming pool too :frowning:

Absolutely Ruthio…They might be alright for sitting round the pool with a G&T in your hand, but you need a pair of these for a serious swim…:wink:

Sorry Old Grey Fox , but we ‘definitely’ don’t need a pair of ‘those’ to swim.:cool:

Oh gawd!..they are SO 1960s Rab…time You joined the 21st Century :-p

Most of my swimming is done in the wild. While I do swim at the pool at the gym, the chlorine irritates my hair and skin so lake and river swimming is my preference

I like them … does it mean it’s okay to go swimming in shorts and strappy t-shirts now then? A boob tube? Or vest top?

It’s just another con to part women from their money and call it swim wear.

For myself, these are the type of swim suites that are perfect for covering up areas that you don’t particularly like being exposed. If they aren’t your style, then by all means pass on them. I’m not selling them so don’t particularly care either way. Lol