Submarine: Life Under the Waves” on C5

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I watched “Submarine: Life Under the Waves” on C5 (Monday night)

For the first time British cameras have been given access on board a hunter-killer submarine on live operations. Submarine: Life Under the Waves goes on board HMS Trenchant, a nuclear submarine, on its four month tour of duty to the mid-Atlantic to uncover the reality of life at sea. Living in extremely close quarters the crew are tasked with helping guard the UK’s Trident missiles and keeping British waters safe.

“extremely close quarters” means exactly that - it seems that there is no escape from permanent body contact except in a bunk, which, of course shared (hot) … :scream_cat:

HMS Trenchant is rusty on the outside and working clothes are dirty but the living conditions are spotless (for fear of D&V’s) and the food is excellent, until a refrigerator breaks down … :frowning_face:

Yes, I watched that only yesterday. Excellent and, from what I’ve heard, far better than that rubbish drama from the ABBC.

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Episode 2

Monday, 20 September

Captain Stephen Brian takes command of HMS Trenchant. His arrival coincides with a growing threat from Russia, as their warships and submarines make forays into British waters.

Another visit to the “Rustbucket”.

A broken engine is fixed but then CO2 fills the sub - the leak is located and fixed then the sub is assigned to track a Russian interloper - that’s in progress when the toilets become blocked - the intercept is delayed until that’s fixed … :wrench: :hammer_and_wrench: