Stylus Problems On Samsung A7 Mobile Phone

I’ve used a Samsung J5 for a few years, with ordinary, common-or-garden rubber tipped styli, and had precisely no problems. I decided I wanted a 2nd mobile, so I bought myself a Samsung A7.

No stylus in my house will work properly on it. Every stylus in the house works on the older J5, though.

I’ve been into settings and, as advised, turned up/on increased sensitivity and I can prod things, now, which I couldn’t before. The problem is, that I still can’t do scrolling or swiping, which is a great handicap in the use of a mobile phone. I hate using fingers because I hate fingermarks on polished surfaces!

Has anybody else encountered this problem? Has anybody found an answer to this problem, at all? Are mobile phones of the future going to be unusable with styli, does anybody know?