Still planting out


Vegetables that is.

Summer Cabbage going, onions finished, hanging to dry.

Broccoli and Kale harvested to be frozen.

Broad beans ended today, last ones harvested, plants taken up.

Leeks, spinach and lettuce planted out under cloches.

Runner and french beans have been terrible so far.

Spring Onions still being planted as are turnips, carrots and Pac Choi.

Courgettes planted today, two plants of yellow in the Polytunnel.

They will do well into October.

Tomorrow I will see how bad my potatoes have done.

I’m planting Kale and Broccoli this week, Swimmy…will it be ok do you think? Hope your potatoes are a good harvest…mostly everyone I know hasn’t had a good one this year :frowning:


No idea Pixie.

I am a long way South of you.

I am also in a Town now, not a rural Village, so temperatures are higher.

Kale and Broccoli are pretty much indestructible, planting in a Cloche will give them a great start.

I am no expert, still learning.:shock:

Haha! Ok thank you…I harvested some potatoes, onions and marrow, so have some space. I’ll stick them in and see what happens. Its all good fun and a learning experience for sure! :023:

That’s really impressive Swimmy! You’ve been very busy:-)