Steve Bray ... One for the Brexiteers

Sheer class !

A still-unemployed Steve Bray remains pottering around Westminster, accosting MPs and disrupting interviews. The latest Member unlucky enough to bump into him is Nigel Adams, who joins Lee Andersonand Damian Green in giving Bray about as much time as he deserves:

“I’m really not interested in talking to an odd bloke with a top hat on, chasing me down the street…why don’t you talk to your MP and fuck off…Fk off*, you’re getting on my nerves…”*

Bray was so shocked he assumed Adams had been drinking. He hadn’t.

Repeat → Repeat → Repeat → Repeat → Repeat

Would you want to employ this loony? I know I wouldn’t.

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All differences apart - and I’m referring to Brexit there - what is he doing?
I mean: what is he thinking that he can achieve?
There was precious little reason after the referendum, but now there can be no logical reason whatsoever.

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@Zaphod ,. Perhaps some of the members pay him to F— off !!
Donkeyman! :grin::grin:

In other news. Steve Bray put himself up for election in some constituency or other whose name escapes me, and he came in last with a pathetic amount of votes. :smiley:

Sounds about right :lol:


A glorious example of what is wrong with our Benefits System, he can work, so no Benefits.

I would give him naff all.

We are doing things wrong, Benefits are for those that need them.

I know a lovely Downs Syndrome Couple, they both work, they try their best, it has to be low paid part time work.

They are both very proud of working.

We are cutting their Benefits and still paying pillocks like this prat.

We have got it wrong.

10/10 for that one Swimmy !

Absolutely. This Bray character is not alone either. I have come across many others who know how to play the system and have no shame or morals in taking full advantages of the weaknesses of our benefits system.
Just one of many things in this country that is in desperate need of a big shake-up.