Stereo sound check

I have had a great opportunity to test out the new Boya SM-80 microphone this afternoon and recorded in MP4 format for a change as that is more acceptable for youtube. Best heard with earphones to get the best of the birds singing

Pity the video is downgraded from the original over the internet

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I heard the birds really well, and I didn’t have earphones in. It sounds like a powerful microphone, RS :+1:

you need to hear it in stereo PN hence using earphones,you feel your right amongst them

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Ok, just for you, I dug out my earphones, and yes the birds are louder (more of a racket than tweet tweet though) however you might want to try and separate the sound of you twiddling the controls, because that gave me a fright! :joy:

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Just listened on my new AKG head phones (bust my sennheiser on ears). They sound real clear and separated. Checked for bird poo.
@realspeed you must have loads of birds in your garden.

Yeah, that is definitely two channel sound alright :+1:

Having that XLR cable into the two XLR ports definately makes a difference

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It would have been better if you actually got some shots of the birds in your garden, I didn’t see any :thinking:

Don’t shoot the birds!! :wink:

Mags they were too well hidden in the trees and most are of the small type such as sparrows anyway. As I said this was mainly for a sound stereo check

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But there are no leaves on the trees yet RS….

If I had pointed to where the birds were I would not have got that stereo sound. it is a sound check