Steam Mops. Have You Got One?

I have been bought a Shark Klik N’ Flip Steam Mop.

At first, l wasn’t sure about it as l am a mop, bucket, hot water and Flash kinda girl!

After using the steam mop, l think it is great and my mop and bucket have been made redundant!

The steam mop is so easy to use, a measure of water is poured into it. You press the Hi, Med or Lo button and seconds later you are ready to go!
You can flip the cleaning pad the other way and it will send out shots of steam to concentrate on any heavy soiling.

Minutes later your tiles or wooden flooring are nice and clean and dry so quickly.

My only negative point is…that it would be good if l could use a bit of Flash with it.

Do you have a steam mop of some sort, or do you prefer a mop and bucket?

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Art, I have used steam mops when cleaning for different households…I think they are great on tiled floors.

I’m not sure about using them on my floor, I’d be scared they lifted the vinyl type flooring up.

You can use flash…I used to just spray it on the tiles, then go over it with the steam mop.

It sterilises as it goes as well…very efficient.

I have a Vax steam cleaner with various attachments. It has a mop bit but I don’t use it. I like to scrub floors with flash and a mop & bucket. Everything else gets steamed though, with no cleaning products.

Just watched that model in action on YouTube,Art, it’s expensive, nearly £80…:shock:but the floor is left dry.

That would work on my floor.

What would you rate it out of 10?

I have the Vax version which is great for cleaning floor tiles and lots of other things when using the attachments. You can add things like Flash or Zoflora if you want. I don’t use it on the wood floors because I don’t want the steam to penetrate.

you cam’t beat a woman on her hands and knees doing a bit of scrubbing. On second thoughts maybe you can and she enjoys it

Yes I have a steam cleaner. Works great. Good for disinfecting without harsh chemicals.

Yes, a Polti system complete with it’s own fancy carrying bag.

We have tiled or sealed vinyl floors in much of the house as well as wall tiles in a few rooms, so it gets a fair bit of use and ours is pretty effective.
It’s proven to be both excellent and handy for cleaning the oven, the barbecue, car upholstery prior to sale and a few other things too.

I wouldn’t hesitate in getting another when something goes wrong with ours, but it’s horses for courses and what suits me here might not suit you.

5 rooms with tiles 3 rooms with laminate. Several Rugs
My Steamer is a Vileda, can do rugs and carpets also comes with an added plate for that…
Would not use a mop and bucket again but one of those flat mops that you add cloths to…tried a traditional Mop when first moved here, there was enough changes at 1st for me…no central heating and felt like I was living in a castle with the amount of spiders webs… Wet Mop Head…where do you keep them to dry…The only thing with steam mops that I can think is a reminder to use Distilled Water, if the water is hard or high in minerals it will eventually clog up…

Yes, I have a Dirt Devil, which I use for the vinyl flooring in the kitchen. I was always a mop and bucket gal, but I love the steam cleaner - no products, so no rinsing and waiting ages for the floor to dry; it’s dry in seconds. So easy to use, and can also be used as a hand held cleaner for upholstery, curtains, ovens, grills etc.

Pauline, l wonder if you are looking at the right steam mop?
The one l have was from Curry’s £99.00 on offer from £150.

The girl who served us said, she had bought one for her wooden floors but hadn’t taken it out of the box yet!
I don’t have wooden floors because… l don’t like them!
I use the steam mop on my kitchen, cloakroom and en-suites tiles.
It is so effortless to use and you can swish it around so fast! The floors also dry quickly without having all the doors open.

I would give it 9/10. Losing a mark because the mop doesn’t stand up straight, you have to lean it against something after use!!

Pixie, This Shark steam mop boasts that it kills 99.9% bacteria.

Longy, If it’s the Vax that has been advertised on the television lately… A friend of mine has just bought one of those… but it’s still in the box!!

If I buy one, how much do you get percentage wise? :smiley: Commission I mean, NOT bacteria! :shock:

realspeed, You love your naughty jokes… don’t you? :lol:

Bratti, What brand is yours?
I’d imagine most brands are different in Canada and in America to the U.K.?

Zaphod, Polti? I have never heard of that brand.
Any pics?

Dianne, My steam mop looks similar until you get to the mop head.
Yes, Shark recommends using distilled water. I haven’t as yet…Tut Tut, naughty me! :blush:

My mop comes with a carpet ‘glider’. It doesn’t clean carpets, just refreshes them. I haven’t used it yet.

I get nowt! :lol:

It might be good if you ask Pauline where she saw them for £80, as that’s a really good price!!

yes you are correct, it freshens more than cleans and guess because of the hot steam must rid rugs of some germs…