Stay Cheeky

Hello, everyone. I’m a newbie. This looks like a nice place to be. Just had a word with my newly aquired smart-phone. I told it…You won’t win!! I will get the upper hand!!!.. Stay Cheeky everyone…

Hello Gordon :slight_smile: welcome. I look forward to chatting with you.

Hello Gordon :smiley: it’s good to have you here!

Thank you for the welcome Mags.

Hello Gordon, hope you like it here :slight_smile: Hope your cheeky smart phone obeys you!!

Hello Gordon. Very nice to meet you. Hope you enjoy Over 50s. :smiley:

Hi Gordon welcome to the forum…Like the “Stay Cheeky” bit.
As you can see by the time I am a Night Owl.:smiley:

I see you are a Teuchter.:blush:

Good morning Gordon, Welcome to the forum matey.

Welcome Gordon, hope to see you around on the forum…:slight_smile:

Thank you for the welcome.

Thank you for the welcome. My new phone knows I’m the boss…(I think!)

You’re very welcome Gordon matey.

Thank you for the welcome…Stay Cheeky

Thank you…Wow,you are a night owl…Yup, happy to be a Tuechter.

Thank you for the welcome…Stay Cheeky.

Thank you all for the warm welcome…Stay Cheeky

Thank you all for the warm welcome…(Hope I’m not repeating myself!)

Welcome to OFF Gordon. Enjoy :smiley:

Thanks for the welcome…nice doggies.

Hello Gordon, a very warm welcome to you from across the Irish sea.