Starboard Side

On the easel but just about done. It’s 40" X 30" done in oils.


Looks very wet,it’s fantastic.:slight_smile:
Do you sell prints?

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Thank you, Psmith :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:. If it looks wet, then I am on the right track! I do sell prints for some of my work. If there is enough interest,

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that’s is fantastic - to me it just looks like a photoprint and it’s definitely wet even all the way in OZ

@Surfermom - another masterpiece! Definitely wet - and definitely lovely.

Brilliant surfermom !

That looks great, how long does it take you to paint something like that ?

@Surfermom Stunning Surfermom!

I would gave mistaken your wonderful painting for a Photograph if you hadn’t posted otherewise! :grinning: Brilliant!

Do you have an on line catalogue ?

I’m really liking that @Surfermom & it’s the sort of artwork I would love to have on display here.

@Surfermom Brilliant is the word Surfermom !!
But how did you get the waves to stand still long enough ??:thinking::thinking:
Donkeyman! :+1::+1:

I agree Mags. I am becoming envious of all the artistic members because all I can draw is matchstick men! :blush: