Spooky happening in hospital

Just got to share this. My niece is in hospital, this is day 12 and she is still bedridden. We facetimed tonight and she said OMG the lady in the bed opposite is the image of my Mum, her Gran! She is 83 while my Mum was 96 but she looks just like her, her hair is the same and she has the same mannerisms. She puts her headphones in and “conducts” music which my Mum did, she crosses her fingers hoping for a goal when the football is on which Mum did and so many other little things.

I told her Mum has come back to look after her!! Two surgeons have told her she is very lucky to be alive! My other niece was finally allowed in to see her and she was visibly shocked when she saw the lookey likey Nanny!! How spooky is that?


What a lovely happening, Flower! It must be such a comfort to be sharing a room with someone she feels close to, for whatever the reason. I believe there is a reason for everything, I hope your niece recovers soon.
Angels are among us, if only we look.:two_hearts:


Yes, it does sound a little scary, but on the other hand don’t all old women look just the same?

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I think they’ll all look at you the same, JBR.

Ah, I think I know what your’e geting at.
With wonder and desire?

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Deffo wonder, and desire for something although not necessarily what you’ve got in mind.

Can’t be my money; I don’t have any.

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Something along the lines of what they did with daffodils on Carry on Nurse.

What a lovely story Flowerpower.
So very sweet. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Yes lovely story.

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