Spiders thread (split thread)

I had a little visitor the other day - a baby Huntsman just inside my front door - always welcome.

A bit bigger than the leaf cutter but still a tiny thing that made me happy.


One from our garden:

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Looks as if the hydraulics in his front legs are a bit wonky. I would have to move him away from the house :house:

Don’t they bite Bruce or is it the brown ones that are dangerous ?
Everything in Australia seems quite intent on killing people .
Crocs , spiders snakes
I used to rescue blue tongued lizards from the road by giving them a stick to snap on and carrying them to the side they never seemed very grateful .

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All spiders are venomous but only a few can penetrate human skin. Huntsman spider can’t usually bite humans however occasionally they can but their bite is no worse than an ant (not as bad as a Bull Ant).

I think in 50 years I have been bitten twice and I am always picking them up and moving them (visitors don’t like them)

Just pick up Blue Tongues by their body around their front legs just behind their head, they’re not contortionists and they are very slow, that’s why dogs get them.


You could always put a saddle on it and ride it way from the house :house: Can’t say I would like to live with one roaming about the house…especially at night I would never sleep knowing it was about.

There’s a small spider in the garden that weaves this enormous intricate web for the night and in the morning it’s gone.He or she has to do it everyday.As yet unidentified.

:scream: :frowning_face_with_open_mouth:This thread should be in controversial, timed closedown…

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I don’t understand people in the UK being scared of spiders,most of them are friendly. :grinning:

too friendly!

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The only spiders I’m not keen on are house spiders…they hang out in dark and dingy places with the silverfish… dubious characters.

These are colourful and easy to see.

We only discovered these in the garden when my BH started doing her macro photos.
They are very harmless (unless you are a male moth.)

I’ve now seen it all…


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You just have to ask WHY???

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As you are an expert Bruce on spiders what do they taste like and can you use the legs as toothpicks? :rofl:

“Something for the weekend sir ?”

Lots of these in the garden and the house but they are very cute.

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Here’s a few:

This St Andrews displaced a family of Redbacks living around my front door.

This is a Redback in a flower pot (I think they are called Black Widows in other countries)

This amazing spider is an Orb Weaver, they make the stickiest invisible web stretching across gaps of 3 metres (no idea how) You only know because you walk into the web which sticks like the proverbial - it is back the next morning. The body is about as wide as your thumb, normally they are not so visible until something gets into the web.

Trying to be as small as possible

Here is one looking after its babies

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Yes… but do they creep up the dunny?
I like the Saint Andrews spider for what it’s worth.