Special solo experiences with nature

One time when I was staying in Bunbury, winter time, I thought I might enjoy a cruise on Koombana Bay.
Enquiring at the tourist bureau I was told that I was the only person wanting to do the tour and they needed at least six paying customers to cover the costs.
My luck was in that day because the skipper happened to be there and said he wanted to take the boat out for a run and he would allow me to go along.
There I was, the sole passenger going on a tour of Bunbury Waters.
What happens on these tours is that the skipper goes looking for Dolphins for photo opportunities for the passengers.
Because I was the only passenger, and he wanted to give the boat a good run, we did not follow his normal route. We went outside of Koombana Bay, into the Indian Ocean and a few miles down the coast.
When we re-entered the bay up to eight Dolphins tagged along.
I managed to take some photos for you to enjoy.


Sounds fun and nice pics!

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Not solo but on a boat full of people we’ve seen whales,dolphins and sharks at different times up close in Moreton Bay.

I once had a wasp that became very friendly. It wanted to share my food and enjoyed tummy tickles. Then one day it stung me so I flattened it.

Groan .:face_holding_back_tears:

Having groaned I have to confess to having the pest man in yesterday to kill a hornets nest .
They were great big Asiatic wasps which are spreading across Europe .
Poor things are not aggressive but their sting can be fatal so I am afraid they had to go :frowning: