‘Spare’.... Have You Ordered Your Copy? (poll)

I declined the book. Walpole and Myers is more to my taste.

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I was having a look on Amazon to see if the ebook had been released (it hasn’t) but I was struck by the rather curious pricing - the paperback is more expensive than the hardback edition

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I received an email today

The split with the rest of the royal family was even the first item on tonight’s ABC news, it will be a best seller, the publicity it is getting on this forum alone should ensure that.


No it’s gone down! William seems bad tempered and petulant.

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Have you ordered your copy, Bruce? :grinning:

That’s of course if you believe Harry’s version of events made against someone who would find it difficult to respond to the accusation in public. Call me cynical but I don’t believe much that Harry says based on previous disproved ‘facts’ made in the Oprah show and so on.

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No it was only a push and a shove , I feel sorry for the dog

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I think much of what is said in the red tops is hearsay and unreliable. People should not believe what they read .

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If you mean “hearsay” as in “rumour” then you are mistaken. The quoted passages from “Spare” are translated from the Spanish edition. Several copies have been located and translated independently. Therefore, what is published in the red-tops (and others) is reliably what Harold’s ghost-writer produced from the output from Harold’s mouth.

As for believing it then that is up to the reader - the content of the memoir is a ghost-written account of Harold’s perception of the “truth” but as HM the late Queen said “Recollections may vary”.

Of course, there are the interviews and the reality shows which, on the whole, corroborate Harold’s point of view but which may not be the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

Harold’s publishers have advanced $20,000,000 for 4 books from “H&M” - they will want to see that returned by sales plus a hefty profit - boring doesn’t sell, controversy does … and the ghost writer is an expert at producing the latter.


No, but I will keep an eye out for the ebook to become available as a free download on the naughty net. I will keep it on my ereader just in case I get the urge to read it.

I am not a fan of the royal family but the publicity this book is getting ensures it will be a best seller.

Should have had a plastic water bowl .

According to this morning’s news it is the fastest selling book of all time thanks to Omah’s tireless promotion of it.


I’d rather not take the credit for mugs forking out good money to read a tissue of lies - it seems that the unexpected Spanish leak disseminated by the world’s press (hated by Harold) plus Harold’s multimedia promotional tour have “done the business” … :man_shrugging:

It remains to be seen, however, how much profit the book makes. Many distributors were selling copies for half-price or less and, naturally, some potential readers will wait for discarded copies or even free copies:

Also, a high proportion of sales will have been pre-ordered for the discount price (down to £8 in the UK) so future sales will be more indicative of success - maybe it’ll be a one-week wonder.

Harold and Meg have a 4-book $20,000,000 deal with their publishers. Meg’s children’s book was AFAIK, a flop, so “Spare” will have to make at least $50,000,000 profit for the publishers to cover current costs, past write-offs and future losses.

It seems that Harold has already been caught out in one lie (the Queen Mother’s death) … :lying_face:

Prince Harry’s credibility questioned after Queen Mother error in Spare

You could be in line for a knighthood or a beheading depending on who gets to you first.

Your perception is as distorted as Harold’s … :rofl:

The news in the UK is somewhat different:

I’m actually quite surprised^^

I guess the newspapers don’t hold as much power as they thought they did, the book has already sold over 400,000, and after just one day! That’s pretty remarkable!


I was under the impression the 400,000 is the number sold to book shops not necessarily to the public.
I could be wrong again :rofl:


I will be getting a copy of Spare - I’ve reserved it at my library! No way am I going to increase Harry and Megan’s coffers by buying one

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I think they’re using the same system as how they rank other book sales :smiley:

I’m the opposite, if I buy a copy it would be to support him rather than having some great desire to read it :lol: (although really more out of fondness for Diana - as I think he (and Meghan) are a lot more like her than William and Kate, and I think that’s what she would have wanted)…

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