Spare a Thought, about Covid, and Our Chinese Friends!

It keeps coming back, doesn’t it?

Today’s Telegraph has another article which puts the blame, for the current plague, back in the hands of the Chinese.

They’re, probably, not the only ones who are thought to be developing chemical weapons, we might name others, but, surely, it’s time for the So Called World Leaders to find a way of agreeing to stop doing this?

Global Warming gets much coverage, even though, usually, in promise mode, without much reality in terms of action, but Chemical Spillage might kill us all off well before Global Warming does?

Here’s what the DT article is saying:-

" For much of the last 18 months it has been widely dismissed as a conspiracy theory, but no longer. Last week, molecular biologist Alina Chan told Parliament’s Science and Technology Select Committee that it is ‘more likely than not’ that the Covid pandemic initially came from a lab leak at the Wuhan Institute of Virology. ‘We all agree there was a critical event at the [Wuhan] wet market that was a superspreader event caused by humans,’ she said. ‘But there is no evidence pointing to a natural animal origin of the virus at that market.’

There is also nothing to suggest that it was anything other than accidental. But since it’s only a short step from the inadvertent release of a virus to the deliberate dissemination of one, Dr Chan’s statement has put the spotlight on what such lab leaks could mean for the future of biological warfare.

‘Before Covid, getting people to take biosecurity seriously was a big challenge,’ says Hamish de Bretton-Gordon, Visiting Fellow at Magdalene College, Cambridge. ‘It used to be that terrorists wanted an instantaneous bang, but biological weapons are generally quite slow to take effect and don’t spark that immediate shock. But if Covid had been a terrorist attack, it would have been the biggest one in the history of the world. Biological weapons are the ultimate terror weapon, and their massive impact - if successful - is what terror is about.’

Any terrorist attack has three main aims: body count, societal disruption and the spread of fear. Terrorists want to deny us safe space, shrinking the areas in which we feel we can move unencumbered: and by definition there is no greater denial of that than rendering our own bodies dangerous. As the pandemic has shown, the primary effect of a virus – that is, the physiological effect on sufferers – is only one part of the picture. The secondary effects - economic disruption, other health problems left untreated, mental health – are just as devastating, and can last longer. A virus is a perfect force multiplier; a stone cast into society’s pond which ripples outwards to affect almost every part."

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The major problem with viral ‘germ warfare’ is that the creator needs to be able to find a retroviral product before releasing the original virus to the population to be targeted. Then of course unless they have a way to control all possible mutants, it will have the ability to come back to smite the creator.
I have no doubt the original multi spiked virus had it’s origins in China, but I also have no doubt it ‘escaped’ before the originators had mastered control over it and it’s possible mutants.
I’d love to be a fly on the wall in our Porton Down establishment right now :+1:

You’re assuming that they hadn’t got the retroviral solution and hadn’t issued it to the relevant people LD.

You’re also assuming that the release was an accident, rather than intended.

And, if we are now buying the antivax injection stuff, from China, it all becomes an amazing cycle of our incompetence?


Suspect that market disruption is probably the big economic target.

Vaccines, PPE equipment etc, although huge, probably pail into insignificance.

I assumed it ‘escaped’ coz only a frikkin eejit would put him/herself at risk before all was known about it and how to combat all of it’s possible mutants.

Again, you’re assuming that the eejit hadn’t already developed the remedy and protected himself and the relevant people already. So, he, she or it never had anything to worry about.

I often wonder what sort of world is being created now!

The leaders of Islam are wanting to rule the world & use their religion to control their people. Isn’t that why they have so many children & are using illegal immigration to take control of Europe?

China will be aware of this & I suspect their plan was to make the world Communist and controlled by the CCP. They are already taking small steps in that direction & they know how easy it has been to control the huge population of China… so why not go for more?
If my thoughts are correct they may end up both having control of different sections & I doubt any human will want to see the sort of war that creates.
Maybe global warming will be welcomed by the people if it does happen because leaders of Islam & the CCP are not the people any decent person would want to be controlled by! :scream:

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Twink, it’s at times like this that I wish I’d never had children.

Back in the day, I’d only get those feelings after watching BBC Horizon documentaries about asteroid collisions or supervolcanoes imminently ruining the planet.

Now, we have some poxy microscopic thing!!

Dex, at times like this I am so grateful that I never did have any!

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I agree, but isn’t it frightening to think that the “designer” could ship antivax stuff to their friends, in a formula that would fix the Friends, and a slightly different formula which doesn’t fix the enemies?

Wow! The mind boggles!

It would make the designer look good whilst killing off the others!

Think I’ll have a lie down!

:sweat_drops: :sweat_drops:


The bottom line, nowadays, is that you don’t need to use your chemical weapons, or your atomic Bombs, you just have to convince others that you have them and would not hesitate!

:bomb: :bomb: :100: :bomb: :bomb: