Spanish kiss drama - Luis Rubiales

We all know what a French kiss is but …

Did you hear about the Spanish football monied fat cat and his kissing habits? It’s on SkyNews and the BBC, nobody likes him, me included.

Nothing to do with football realy, more to do with etiquet or something.

Meanwhile everyone is digging themselves into deep hole.

Funny to watch.

Spain wins the woman’s world cup football, launching them into 21st century tabloidism, awkward trick questions.

You don’t get away with it that easily las meninas. Deal with the sleaze.

It’d never happen in league 2 football.


Yep… kissing

What a fuss !
Yes he kissed her but it was IMO the exuberance of the moment .


According to ESPN, Spanish football president Luis Rubiales will resign over his behavior, including the unsolicited kiss.

I agree…only moments before she had pulled him to her and lifted him into the air…was this not invading his personal space? Honest the world has gone mad


Hi @Azz thanks for fixing the title!

I think Rubiales is a dirty young man. I don’t know if this youtube vid is all over the media like the kiss on the lips? He’s the one grabbing his crotch. The Spanish are normally very proper and polite.

He’s 46 so not so young .

this has just got outa hand - all hands!! - this was the world cup ; excitement ; exhuberance and hormones circulating - she picked him up in the air - why - why - because she didn’t like him - he responded by kissing - it wasn’t one of those deep throat kisses we all love and know it was a peck on the lips - if there was no televised event it would have just passed by. Now there is talk of ME too feelings and someone on a nother site mentioned a team of lesbians?? - this is how anger and fights are fueled. Everyone was charged with excitement at a great event - why make a big deal about it ??


He is not liked, he gives the country a bad name on the world stage. Perhaps they thought this was a good opportunity to get rid of him, but they were wrong about that.

Because it is a big deal in Spain, whereas not so big in most of the rest of the world, making it a big deal for media opinion.

Luis ‘s mother has come out in fierce defence of her son , she has made her stand in a church and gone on hunger strike in protest .

A boys best friend is his mum .

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Dios mío

when you’re 70 something, 40 something is young.

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That is true :worried:

An interesting point was made by a journalist. What if the player concerned had been a bloke? Would Rubiales be condemned , or possibly lauded by the Gay Community ? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

mountains out of molehills comes to mind - all he had to do was shake hands ;apologize and kiss again and make up and it would all be over heh?/

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It’s all over for him he’s resigned his job .
A huge fuss about a kiss .
He didn’t hurt her it was in front of the entire world and now his career is finished .
Much ado about nothing .