South China seas

Can someone explain to me about whats happening with China that Australia, USA and UK have formed an alliance . Im not understanding it really, explain to me in simple language please. Is it something to worry about?

The way I see it is what was once a free travel in china sea for all shipping ,China are building floating islands to use for what ever they want and are claiming the territory round it.
China is starting to say who can ship through , Im sure if im wrong someone else will come along and say so .

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Eliza has mentioned a little of the concerns but there are many more too, like increasing hostility towards Taiwan which China considers part of China but isn’t; like China ramping up their military capabilities and building new aircraft & warships as well as putting runways and military installations on the islands which Eliza mentioned; like China ignoring human rights regarding Uighurs and in Hong Kong where they also ignored and broke a formal treaty; like the cornering of the market for various essential materials which then forces everybody else to buy Chinese; and much, much more besides.

Is it something to worry about?
Long-term maybe but unless somebody is predisposed to worrying there’s probably not much to worry us all just now and many think that it would have been far more worrying if a stand hadn’t been made against what is seen as Chinese plans for global domination.


It’s all power games from what I have seen, not that I follow it very much. There is an existing OFC thread on this subject if anyone wishes to know more:

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More in the BBC News on this subject, just 33 minutes old when I viewed it:

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And the French are blowing gaskets left, right and centre and getting their frilly knickers in a right royal twist over this too. Australia has cancelled a contract they signed with the French for them to supply the Ozzies with noisy, easily detectable, diesel-powered submarines while the UK and USA have offered to build them brand spanking new, quiet, state-of-the-art nukes instead. I’ve been laughing my socks off over this all morning. :rofl: