Sony World Photography Award 2023: Winner refuses award after revealing AI creation

The winner of a Sony photography award declined his award because it used AI. He was testing the system to see if the judges could tell the difference. The contestant would like to see separate categories for AI generated art and photographs. However, how would people know if some people cheated?

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It’s the end of the world as we knew it - now, nothing is real … :scream:

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Deep fakes everywhere. :exploding_head:

With even half a decent editing suite what one can do with it still amazes me. The average Joe bloggs can now alter any picture to suit ,be it a simple colour change or removing unwanted articles from a photograph.

AI is a different ballgame.

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agree but anyone now can “falsify” a photo to fit even restoring old photos is not beyond the average person to do, one of my favourite is removing a mesh fence to get a decent animal photo

WolfOfDarkness® on Twitter: “#Bing AI photo generator is insane ! Omg … it took 30 seconds to generate my requested details!” / Twitter

Omg … it took 30 seconds to generate my requested details!


Just ask and 30 seconds later:

My request:

a girls face half covered in water


a girls face half melting in water

Obviously the more complex the request then the more complex/realistic the result … I will leave it to others to explore the potential.

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I’ve been seeing a lot of AI art on Instagram. Beautiful and mind-blowing.

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A Baby Fennec Sneezing Onto A Strawberry, Detailed, Macro, Studio Light, Droplets, Backlit Ears

change a few words and

Now for something different

Seasonal Fruit Cut Up And Arranged On A Wooden Board, Aesthetic, Warm Dramatic Lighting, Medieval Tavern, Delicious Charcuterie

a beautiful sunrise with hills in the background and pond with ducks and a rowing boat in the foreground


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I think AI could be justified as an artists tool in it’s own right, just like photography came to be

But I could have told easily that photo was AI.

Of course it will get cleverer and cleverer, and harder and harder to tell

But I am very interested in the Uncanny Valley effect and that, as human beings, we can tell when writing, picture etc are “wrong”, especially human faces which we are programmed to recognise and detect

I’ve been playing with Remini, which uses AI to enhance your photos, by filling in the blanks to improve the focus

It’s really very good on old family photos etc

And if you want to use a printing service to print out your photos in a large size, or for posters, mugs etc and it tells you your photo is not good enough quality, after running it through Remini it will be

I’m still not sure about the effect, though

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More concerns about AI used in illustrations.

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… and here’s a sample:


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