Something to really worry about

If you worry about immigration or hot weather then this video will scare the pants off you. The woman is a physicist. She talks about the “hot models” which were disregarded but which might be the case.

Worth watching but if you are of a nervous disposition don’t watch the last few minutes. The UK gets a good mention.

Sorry Bruce I couldn’t watch it all because with her top set of teeth wired to her bottom set it made her voice very annoying. And apart from that, you can’t forecast what the climate is going to do in the next hundred years, or even next year, as she covers all the bases by saying it might break records but then again it might be cooler…She also mentions “Since records Began” in the 19th century. I would imagine that accurate temperature figures would be a bit iffy in the 1800’s. and in earth time, it’s not even the blink of an eye. They really do my ead’ in all these climate scientists with their inaccurate computer modelling.

It is a pity because she deals with all the points you raised. She is not a climate scientist but a physicist.

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Susanne Hossenfelder is German if I am not mistaken and I can imagine that her accent must be hard to listen for a native English speaker. I often wished she would publish her videos in German.

BTW there are several very interesting videos from S. Hossenfelder on YT :+1:

I don’t, I wouldn’t understand them.

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They might as well, I don’t understand a thing she’s saying in any language…

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Come on, she (in my opinion) explains very well, even difficult stuff.

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Yes Frank, in your opinion…Not in mine… :009:
She’s German…you’re German…What does that suggest?

I didn’t have a a bit of trouble understanding her…so… :woman_shrugging:

I do not think that it suggests much. She explains in English,

Did I mention that I was deaf…
too many years in a noisy engineering factory before ‘health and safety’

Do what I do, turn the volume up.

Ok in that case you cannot know that S. Hossenfelder produces her videos in English (with the typical German accent). It is therefore not beneficial for me to be German like her :man_shrugging:

Doesn’t work Bruce. I went for a hearing test and apparently there are a group of frequencies I don’t hear. So turning up the volume just smothers the frequency I can’t hear and makes it worse. The frequencies I have trouble with are mainly women’s voices…No Really!
If I listen to a bloke reading the news I can hear him perfectly, but a woman reading the news and it just sounds garbled…

It’s the same for me, I have lost all the high frequencies, I have mentioned before that my son’s recording of his sonar (just one frequncy) was a blank tape to me.

BUT the great think about modern technology is that not only can you increase the volume you can also increaseor decrease the bass or treble to suit your hearing loss. (I say modern technology but it has been around since I first bought a hifi system.)

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I was offered a new digital hearing aid that only amplifies certain frequencies. I think they were talking in four figures for the cost of the thing. And not hearing women’s voices very clearly is not always a bad thing… :nerd_face: Although in crowded places when everyone is talking all at once it gets very difficult to isolate a single conversation. So I avoid crowded places…