Something In The Eye?

Yesterday, I realised that there is something in my left eye.

It’s small, but very irritating.

I’ve tried the usual things, like pulling the eyelids forward, Blinking a lot, and making tear drops flow, all that stuff.

So, now, it’s a walk to the chemist.

No use trying the Local Doctor Surgery as they are still in hiding.

Thinking of trying some sort of eyebath.

Any ideas? (eye dears?)

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Optometrist?. Not a doctor as such but could certainly have an educated look at your eye.

Thanks, keezoy, I’ll try to get an appointment at one of those, if nobody comes up with any simple way of sorting it.

An eye bath and some very weak saline solution (1%) might shift it, but it could have already been blinked out and all you are feeling is the ‘scar’ left behind by the foreign object. If making your own saline then I would suggest you use cooled boiled water rather than straight from the tap.

I agree with the saline and avoid rubbing. If you don’t have an eyebath a sterilised egg cup may do for now.

Also as Keezoy says worth a check with the optometrist.

Thanks, all!

Chemist is having a delivery of eyewash (no pun intended) on Wednesday.

However, they, also, said what you’ve said.

Optometrist is fully booked, at the mo!

Will try underwater blinking, in the bath, tonight.


It may be that the object is gone, but the irritated area needs to heal. Have you tried a very warm cloth over your eye for 10 to 15 minutes? It allows the tear ducts to clear and begin working on their own, and soothes the entire eye.

Could it be the start of a stye, Ted?

I hope you have got rid of whatever was in your eye Ted…it must be so irritating!
If it is still there, we will have to come round and make you cry…that may solve the problem! :mrgreen:

I remember being told to close your eyes and blow your nose hard! Could be worth a try…

If there’s a pool near you then try having a swim under water with your eyes open. Even better if you can dive in and deep, also with eyes open.

I hope your eye is feeling a bit better this morning Ted?

Rang the Opticians, again, this morning.

They “had a word” with their Ophthalmologist and he suggested the only safe way forward would be to attend the Prince Charles Eye Surgery Department, up at the Royal Berks Hospital, in Windsor.

Apparently they do a walk in service.

Will go there on Thursday, after trying the eyewash, and other suggestions.

Funnily enough, the eye started to feel better as soon as I was told all this…!

Isn’t that just typical?
Please let us know how you get on, Ted.
I for one am intrigued.

maybe what I had and that is the start of having a cyst on the eyelid. Had to have minor surgey to get it cut out

Last year, my friend had something in his eye.
He couldn’t get it out, the nurse at the doctors couldn’t get it out, his daughter a nurse, couldn’t get it out.
He was then sent to the hospital eye department and they got in out.

It was a flake of paint off something and it had attached to his eye ball.

Rang the Walk in Centre, today.

They advised me not to drive up as parking is not easy, plus I might have to drive home with one eye messed up by the treatment.

Then my daughter came round and suggested that going to the local Boots might be a better option.

Spoke to Boots & they said that an appointment might take a month to get, but, should I happen to be just passing by, they could get someone to have a look.

So I’ll be “just passing” by on Monday!


Ted, might it not have been better to ask your daughter to take you to the walk-in centre?
You might have got it sorted today then.

Tedc you have had this in your eye for 4 days now & I am sure it won’t be doing your eye any good . You don’t know what is in the eye and it seems that nobody wants to spare 10 minutes to to help.
I appreciate that they may be busy but it would put your mind at ease if somebody would look at it & decide if it is something that can cause serious damage, or something they could deal with in a couple of minutes. If it is serious then get to the eye hospital asap. If it is something they can easily remove then I am sure somebody could spare a few minutes to help you.
You don’t know what is in your eye, and before Covid you would have got help much sooner. I have pain in my wrist that I can ease with Ibuprofen gel, but when I mentioed it to my Doctors surgery they said if I was in pain a doctor would phone me this afternoon… so tell them that it is painful and after 4 days you think it needs to be cnecked!

Thanks, Twink, I’m working on it.