Somebody should show Liz Truss and the tories this - tax cuts for ordinary people vs billionaires

On the News earlier, people were saying Truss is going to be far worse than Thatcher was…That’s some going. :astonished::hushed::astonished::hushed::rage:


Goodness help us then Rox!!

Then again, people are not as subdued as they were - if she’s anything like Thatcher we should expect riots :lol:



There is a problem with riots, people get hurt.

Better way to protest.

@swimfeeders " better way! "
Burning tyres ?? :grin::grin:

Glue, motorways?

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Margaret Thatcher was the best PM we ever had, had it not been for her such as Mick Whelan and the rest of his union rabble would be “running” the country and we’d all have to fly the hammer and sickle, Lord help us… :flushed:


@Barry " Maggie Fatcher " ?
Nonsense ! She sold off and sold out the working class !!
We are suffering for that right now !!


You are completely wrong Donks, she actually rescued the working man from the grasp of the unions which were out to destroy this country. Forgotten the “winter of discontent”? I certainly haven’t, and thanks to Mrs Thatcher and the defeat if the unions we have achieved forty odd years of growing prosperity ever since.

Now though we are heading in the same direction of a downward spiral, so if you can tell me how crippling the railways and docks is helping the ordinary working man, who is being denied his rights of actually going to work and going about his normal business because of this, then I would be most grateful. Oh, and whilst you are at it please explain to me how ten percent pay rises won’t just add another ten percent to inflation? Abject selfishness and stupidity in my opinion…


Unions are the only way we can voice our concern over the way this country is going. Given the recent restrictions that have now been imposed upon those who wish to protest, it seems that the Govt (such as they are :roll_eyes: ) are determined to even take that away.

Maybe if workplaces were given fair pay for fair work, there wouldn’t be a need to complain.


@Barry , Who sold you that story Barry ??
Thatcher did more damage than the unions ever did ! :-1:
What you got to say about the bankers being selfish now ! :roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

Then we’ll have to agree to disagree regarding the Thatcher years…

Regarding the bankers though I, too, have no love for them, but as the City of London financial centre is a huge earner for the UK then these people are a necessary evil I’m afraid, and we have to allow the best of them to make the most money as that benefits us all as a country, and they do pay tax on their spoils don’t forget, so a win win for all of us on balance I’d say. :wink:


@Barry , Yeah, your right, we are entirely dependent on bankers lm afraid !!
Can you remind me who put us in this position ? :+1::+1:

We not entirely dependent on bankers Donks but they do contribute vast amounts to the treasury, like it or not!

In my opinion in any industry we should allow the biggest generators of wealth to get the highest rewards, whether it be factory work, retail, construction or whatever or yes, even banking. Personally I care not how much anyone earns as long as it’s through productivity and deserved.


That’s the crunch word @Barry

Trouble is that there’s a strong feeling that greed is not synonymous with deserve.



Barry we have British Investment Bankers making a fortune betting against the ÂŁ