Some weird events through the years

September1, 1969, Punta Gorda, Florida, residents were stunned when dozens and dozens of golf balls rained down from the sky during a rain storm. (Anyone here remember this incident)?

The explanation was that a water spout sucked up the golf balls from a nearby golf club pond.

Boston Molasses Flood of 1919, a faulty tank holding 2.3 million gallons of sweet, sticky molasses burst sending a wave 40 feet tall and 160 feet wide travelling at 35 mph. Several buildings were levelled, 150 people were injured and 21 people died most due to suffocation by syrup.

October 17, 1814, ​a huge vat of beer at the Horse Shoe Brewery, London broke sending about 3,500 barrels, 1 million pints, into the surrounding streets.

8 people died, some drowned when the beer flooded cellars, and some died when a house collapsed from the flood of beer.

The Great Smog of December 5,1952, London. A toxic pea soup fog (caused by weather, industrial emissions and coal burning from home fires) descended upon London killing 3000 people over a week. An estimated 12,000 people would go on to die as a result of this toxic fog that included an estimated 1,000 tons of smoke particles, 2000 tons of carbon dioxide, 800 tons of sulfuric acid, 140 tons of hydrochloric acid and 14 tons of fluorine compounds.

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To be thankful for the Clean Air Act of 1956 which was a direct response to the smog of 1952 in London. You still notice the pollution when travelling in from country districts and you can see when you are approaching ‘The Smoke’ in summer as a brownish haze.

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