So many people using pancake mix

My youngest daughter works in a supermarket & yesterday says they sold out of pancake mix. :thinking: I am not talking about eggs, flour & milk, but those plastic bottles that you get pre mixed pancakes in.

What is happening to people? Is mixing an egg, some flour & milk together really beyond so many people? Is it laziness? What is happening?

I can understand someone who maybe lives alone finding it the easiest & maybe even the cheapest way of doing it. But for most people, is it really that hard to make pancakes?

Wouldn’t think of buying pancake mix Gee - it would take all the fun out of it!


Like ST, I make mine from scratch…can understand why busy mums would use the pancake mix though…

It’s not hard to make them, but it does take time…you gotta get all them lumps out.

I don’t blame busy mums buying the pancake mix at all…especially if they work and have half a dozen kids…

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Flipping eck that’s just ridiculous. Laziness in the extreme. I wouldn’t dream of buying ready made pancake mix.


I don’t buy pancake mix, but I never have pancakes either.

The thought of anybody else buying pancake mix doesn’t really outrage me, but perhaps I’m too easy going. :blush:

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I have an automatic pancake maker (It’s called the wife) :grinning:


I’m telling her you called her a pancake! :astonished: Or did you mean pancake maker?

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I am just eating my made from scratch pancakes. I usually have a packet but thought I didn’t have one (yes I do) but decided to make my own. Not turned out bad.

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I think there are some young mums who have no idea how to cook. Perhaps they have never been shown and easy pick up food from supermarkets is all they know.

Haven’t made pancakes for many years but I know how to make them .

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I’ve called her worse (haven’t really). Just edited it now :grinning:

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I wonder what it is about Pancake day that makes people want pancakes. :thinking:

Do you remember Findus Crispy Pancakes? They were awful, but the kids liked them. I don’t see them anymore though.

I remember them, but I never had any.

Probably because they were awful. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Strangely I brought some during the last lockdown. My daughters used to love them with baked beans & a potato waffle.

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I was in Co-op a few years ago on Pancake Day, and saw a young woman searching desperately for packets of pancake mix, but they’d sold out. I told her it was really easy to make from scratch - asked did she have flour? (yes), eggs? (yes) milk? (yes). She could hardly believe me when I said this is all you need. I said, do you have paper and pen? No. OK, then, open up notes on your phone and I’ll dictate how you make them. She was so grateful, said she’d had no idea how easy they were! I’ve often wondered if they were a success and if she’s made them from scratch ever since.

My kids loved these!! Minced beef, cheese and ham, or cheese and tomato, if I remember rightly. Pure junk food really, long before I’d even heard the term. But such a godsend if I was late home from work and in a hurry.
ETA: I wonder if I could recreate these using home made pancakes, egg and crumb and in the air fryer? Don’t know how I’d glue them down though :rofl:

ETA (again): I’ve found some recipes! You stick em together with egg, doh! Gonna have a go at making them.


It must be or there would not be the frozen option … nuke and they’re ready🤬
I much prefer to make my own from scratch :+1:

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No, I can get it, daft and expensive but if people don’t usually cook or bake much.

And with a lot of parents working, dropping off at nursery, generally having to run around like the proverbial blue …… flies, they don’t get a lot of time for it. And single people not wanting to buy that much ingredients or those living places with shared kitchens and limited cooking facilities.

So if you don’t normally cook you might think you needed a set of scales or some other measure to weigh the flour and a jug to measure the milk and a bowl to mix it in. I’d just guess and mix it in a saucepan but people who aren’t confident in the kitchen might not think of that

Then you’d have to buy a bag of flour which you might not use up, also at least six eggs and some milk and some oil or butter to grease the pan

And if you’ve never made them you might be afraid they wouldn’t turn out right and it would all be a waste

And a bottle of mix in Asda is only £1 soI can see why people might just do that, so much simpler and it looks like it’s cheap enough

It’s not cheap really though, your paying just for a bit of flour and some dried egg, really. Plus usually some yummy palm oil :nauseated_face:

But loads of people don’t have the time or the confidence to cook now. Perhaps pancake making is a skill they should teach in those food technology lessons at school!


Food technology? :017:

Well there’s your problem. Manufacturing pancakes sounds a lot harder than cooking them. The kids are being daunted by terminology before they even start.

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I imagine most of us were taught how to cook at school - good basic food, simple meals, how to make pastry, and therefore sweet and savoury pies, how to make cakes. We even spent the Christmas term of the 4th year making a proper rich fruit cake, and then learned all sorts of techniques for icing and decorating them.

But apart from being properly taught at school, we were of a generation where our mums were mostly at home, cooking from scratch every day - we didn’t have ‘convenience’ foods at all, apart from the occasional trip to the chippie. So we were brought up surrounded by home made food, eating it at home, learning to make it at school.

Sadly, there are young people today who are second generation ‘non cooks’. Their parents didn’t cook from scratch, and now neither do they, because they simply don’t have the basic skills, and it’s just one big scary mystery to them. Much easier to buy packet mixes and ready meals.

Yeah, I do think they’re being made to think a bit of cooking is more complicated than it is

What with food technology, hygiene and celebrity chefs, the idea of bung it in a pan, heat it up and then eat it has gone right out the window

My next door neighbour is horrified at the thought of cooking a whole chicken since she saw that video of how the bacteria spreads round your kitchen if you’re not careful

She terrified she’ll poison her family and just buys nicely wrapped supermarket portions