SNP leader kicked out of the HOC

Extraordinary scenes

Couple of things here it has always amused me childish some of the House if Commons rules are. You cannot call a member a liar if they have lied how ridiculous is that?
That said I really dislike Ian Blackford who is a real fanatic and barely keeps is hatred of all things English hidden, we will be in deep do do if and when independence comes and he is given a ministerial position.
And living in Scotland the partygate story has had a lot of coverage on my local BBC news whereas any criticism of the SNP MP who travelled up and down to from London to Scotland, WHILST COVID positive barely gets a mention.

Not being Scottish I had never heard of the man but found it amusing how the peppery little Scotsman just carried on insulting the Pm getting redder and redder in the face .
His blood pressure was clearly going through the roof .
He was right of course .

You don’t need to be Scottish to have heard of him just watch the so called Prime Ministers questions on Wednesday 12:30pm BBC 2 to see the little fat man get all anti about all things Westminster whilst of course burying his nose fully into the expenses trough. :smiley::smiley:

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I see he was a former investment banker what can you expect ? :slight_smile:

Expect nothing, don’t get disappointed.

I expected Blackford to keel over any minute with a heart attack.

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He looked to me like a child going through a terrible twos tantrum … then he flounced off.

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I do like a flounce. :smiley::smiley:

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It must have been very satisfying to call Johnson a liar to his face, though. I’d love a chance to do that. Well done to him

How ridiculous is it that you can’t call someone a liar in Parliament, even if they are one? Talk about protecting themselves. A liar is a liar and anyone should be able to call them out anywhere

It’s a shame more didn’t follow Blackford’s example and do the same. If enough called him a liar and walked out, what then?

Wouldn’t it be great if anyone who has any face to face contact with Johnson, from the cleaner to MP to the people in the street to the Queen looked him in the eye and called him a liar to his face?

I was actually listening to the debate when this happened and I nearly fell off my chair because I was laughing so much. I’m surprised he hasn’t been kicked out of the House before now for his use of “non-Parliamentary” language. :rofl:

Allways remember Skinner in the HOC saying half the Tories are Liars.

When told to withdraw that remark he apologized and said Half the Tories are NOT liars


:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
I often watch BBC Parliament but I didn’t see that - I would have loved to have seen it!

Dennis Skinner was a legend and often made me laugh, especially his quips every year during the Black Rod ceremony to summon the Commons for the Queen’s Speech.

To stay on topic, I remember the year he made no quip at all in 2015.
That year, the “Beast of Bolsover” claimed he was just too tired from fighting an influx of SNP MPs.!