Slide scanner

For a very long time I have been wanting to convert a lot of slide photos I took about 60 years ago onto digital and also direct onto computer. So at long last I actually bought a scanner, little more expensive but one huge advantage is it records onto SD cards and direct onto computer as shown in second picture.
Now I have many hours of doing transfers and editing which gives me something to do over the winter.
That bottom photo is as transferred without editing


Oooh this is nice! Can you tell us a bit more about it? I’m interested to know if it can do negatives, for example. If a negative can be transferred onto computer, then it can be inverted to colour (in my world this could be possible anyway :joy: ) couldn’t it?

Where was the photo taken?

So have I. I didn’t know there were those film scanners. Thought I’d have to send them in. Did you buy it used? The device looks a bit worn for a new one. What device is it? How much was it? I’m seriously thinking of doing it myself, too. It converts them to JPEGs, doesn’t it?

Thanks for sharing.

This one was £53.99 new on eBay. Just look up slide scanners . This was from a company called digitstore2020. Yes to jpeg. oops forgot to remove the protective strip from the top which made it look worn. Remember that photo is about 60yrs old so can’t remember where. Won’t put up a link as it shows where I live but easy to find on ebay. also powers from mains via transformer supplied or usb port

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Thanks. Did some search and found it for roughly the same price.

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Me too. I’ll put it on my list for some time in the new year. A “someday maybe” purchase when finances settle down a bit :smiley:

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Was it here realspeed?

Where is there?

Godshill model village in the Isle of Wight…

My old Canon flat bed scanner has the facility to scan 35mm film and slides built in, it can scan 12 negatives or 4 slides at a time. To be honest I haven’t used that facility for a while.

Something similar might be cheaper and more useful rather than a specialised, one function scanner (or at least worth investigating)

Never been there so a different miniature village

I should have mentioned that you need to go to about the 3 minute point in that video to see how to scan photos or slides. It works very well and the image quality is very high resolution I forget the maximum resolution but it might be in the video.

It wasn’t a particularly expensive scanner at the time but it is still going strong, it still has 63 and 32 bit drivers available so it can still be connected to any computer (it was the lack of drivers that killed its predecessor)