Skin care- is there really something that actually works?

Minx please let me know how the botox goes. I’ve been thinking about it for a long time.

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I am going to be kind of sad if you have perfect skin. this means I’ve been going about it wrong for decades. but awesome regime! kudos on it!

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My mom and grand mother …Ponds fanatics! our house spelled pondsy most nights.

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Thank you all for the great ideas and posts. much appreciate all the inputs!

I once worked with a lady who was addicted to botox. She looked permanently surprised.

@LookingForward Some time ago, I had a few skin problems and sought advice from my doc. She told me to stop using all types of soap and then she prescribed Dermol Lotion 500 for me to use as a soap substitute and general emollient. That must have been around 8yrs ago, maybe longer, and since then my dry/flaking skin fully recovered to how it used to be. I’m still prescribed the soap substitute every 4wks and I still use it during daily bathing/shower. As my wife’s carer, I also use it on her skin too :+1:

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I have had a look Minx,no expiry date to be seen.

My expiry date is long past and each day I awake with a mind that is still my own is a day to rejoice :+1::grin:

Take biotin and collagen