Sir Peter Bottomley

The wonderful world of a Tory MP.

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Not forgetting the practically unlimited expenses which of course include a second home with duck house.:smiley::smiley:


These are the people the country voted in who are so out of touch with how most people live


Yes it is unbelievable isnt it

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And we have a useless opposition led by a ‘I have no idea what I stand for’ leader. :grinning:


I agree .
We have no leaders
On reflection who would want to take on leadership ?

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Ahh bless him…life is so hard for the wee pet :roll_eyes:


Look on the bright side, these idiots still need our votes!
How do you think it will be when all the illegal immigrants con them it to letting them stay here & then manage to reproduce sufficiently to be the majority.
We won’t be worried about what they earn then, we will do as they say under Sharia law! :scream:

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Yes Twink we will . Sadly this is the world my grandchildren will live in .

I wondered why the surname was familiar, so I looked it up:

Virginia Hilda Brunette Maxwell Bottomley was elected to Parliament with 21,545 votes in a by-election in 1984 (filling the seat left vacant by the death of Maurice Macmillan, son of former prime minister Harold Macmillan), as the Member for South West Surrey, was PPS to Chris Patten and then to Foreign Secretary Sir Geoffrey Howe, received her first ministerial position in 1988 as a Parliamentary Under-Secretary at the Department of the Environment and was appointed Minister of State at the Department of Health in 1989. She was appointed a member of the Privy Council (PC) upon joining John Major’s Cabinet as Secretary of State for Health in 1992 and served until 1995.

This is what she looked like then:


During her time in Prime Minister John Major’s cabinet, the satirical puppet show Spitting Image often portrayed Major as having an unrequited crush on Bottomley.

On 24 June 2005 she was created a life peer with the title Baroness Bottomley of Nettlestone, of St Helens in the County of Isle of Wight.

Rt Hon Baroness Virginia Bottomley DL chairs the Odgers Berndtson Board Practice. She conducts searches for Chairs, CEOs and Non-Executive Directors for plcs, private companies and major public organisations. She joined Odgers Berndtson in 2000.

Virginia was formerly an NED at AkzoNobel NV, BUPA, Smith & Nephew and ICC UK. She was a member of the Chugai International Council (Japan). As part of her pro-bono activities Virginia is a Trustee of The Economist Newspaper and Chancellor of the University of Hull.

I’m not sure whether her husband has a means of income (apart from MP) but her positions would keep him in a style to which is accustomed … :wink:

If ever there was a case for “Pay For Performance”, this must be it.

Random surveys of people in the Constituency, done on a regular basis, with the salary being based on the result.

Marks, out of 10, for every project!

Expenses no better than Industry standard.

So no floating duck houses then? :rofl:

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Putting the greed aspect aside, I really do wonder if these people have any common sense or grip on reality at all

What on Earth made him think this was a good time to say this, even if he believes it’s true?

We’ve got furlough coming to an end with lots of people with no jobs to go back to and Universal Credit being docked

Did he really think demanding a bigger trough to put their snouts in would go down well?

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Yet another example of how little the Tories give a sh** about what us plebs think.
As anyone from the Labour party said anything about this, I didn’t think so?

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Bottomley talking out of his.

Methinks Nadine has been talking out of her Bottomley.

What a hypocrite :rage:

She’s a Politian its part of the job description.
Was there not a half hearted attempt some years ago about employing members of ones family on ludicrous salary’s paid for by expenses and therefore the tax payer, to stop this?
Nothing came of it of course because no matter how many times they say independent committee parliament polices itself.

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Yes, but again I come back to are they just stupid?

Or so arrogant that they think they’ll always get away with it?

Because surely even the dimmest of the dim should have realised that employing her family would come out if she accused the BBC of the same?

So do we want anyone that dim in charge?

Employment of family members

In 2013, Dorries’ daughter was reportedly among the highest-earning family members employed by MPs with a salary of £40,000–45,000 as an office manager, even though her daughter lived 96 miles away from the office. Subsequently, Dorries’ sister was taken on as “senior secretary” with a salary of £30,000–35,000.

Criticism of fellow Conservative MP

In October 2013, Dorries described a fellow Conservative MP, Kris Hopkins, as “one of parliament’s slimiest, nastiest MPs” on her Twitter account, and criticised Prime Minister David Cameron’s decision to promote Hopkins to a junior ministerial post within the Department for Communities and Local Government as “a really awful decision”.

Dorries was also the centre of an IACGMOOH controversy, when she appeared in the show (without permission or approval) and refused to disclose her fee.