Sidney Poitier

Has died

How sad - he was an excellent actor. May angels fly him safely home.

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I was just about to post a new thread on this when the bot said you’d already started one, Muddy.

Sad news this as I think he was a great actor. However, at 94, that’s a damned good innings for anyone.

RIP Sir Sidney.

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Wow I literally just finished watching the original In The Heat of The Night. With him and Rod Steiger. God one of my favorite actors. From Sir with Love, Look Who’s Coming to Dinner. He will be sorely missed.

I recently watched In The Heat of the Night again in which he starred and he was super cool. Also loved him in To Sir With Love. RIP Sidney.

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A great actor, I saw quite a few of his films in the years gone by.

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At 94, I don’t think there’s much cause for complaint, whatever the cause.

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An excellent actor who paved the way for future black actors. He was the first black actor ever to win an Oscar too.

He had an outstanding film career with many acclaimed roles.



What always impressed me most about Mr. Poitier was his perfection of the English language. No matter what his lines were, he enunciated every word.
Truly a remarkable actor and genuine person, we will miss him greatly.

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In the 60’s a family with 3 teenage children lived near us for about a year. They were from the West Indies. The father was just like Sidney Poitier and spoke beautiful English as did all the children and his wife. He was in the RAF and was posted to a base not far away but chose to live off the base so they rented a house near us. That was the first time in my life I had seen black people. The kids came to grammar school with me and I will always remember an English teacher telling some of us that she wished we could all speak “The Queen’s English” like they did. I was very friendly with one of the girls and her handwriting was absolutely beautiful too.

@Flowerpower - Rod Steiger ruined that film for me - by !his constant, noisy, gum chewing!

He was a gorgeous man wasn’t he… so handsome and talented too , there was just something about him that set him apart.

RIP Sir Sidney… someone who actually deserved the Knighthood