Should we boycott the World Cup?

I think we should .
In fact they should have never awarded it to Russia in the first place!

Might as well, we won’t win it which is pathetic considering we last won in in 1966.

That’s what I was going to say. Tbh, I don’t think it matters from a football point of view as I’m sure we won’t be in it for too long anyway. From a political point of view it would only be worth boycotting if the whole of Europe does the same but I can’t see that happening.

We should make a stand and pull out.
And the home office should put a ban on any British football fans going out there.

I understand how you feel Muddy, but I think that banning people from traveling to Russia makes us as dictatorial as they are with their citizens.
I do worry that British drunken football fans may make this situation even worse though…how can we expect other countries to support us if Russia is able to demonstrate that British people, and their government, have no respect for other countries rules?

Yes but not for what they’ve recently done, their stance on homosexuals should have meant they never got the chance to host it in the first place.


Russia will not give two hoots if we withdraw.

We would be out very quickly anyway.

It would be a pointless exercise.

We are no longer a World Player, we are simply a fly to be swatted as far as Russia and China are concerned.

We have spent £Billions on two new Aircraft Carriers.

We cannot afford the planes to fly off them and both of them have absolutely no defence against the new Russian and Chinese Hypersonic Missiles.

British drunken fans are no match for the seriously dangerous Russian fans .
Russian football Hooligans make ours look like a playgroup outing .

Spot on.


We have an overblown sense of our own importance.

It is not confined to fat football hooligans.

I agree, but I do think Putin will use anything to put down the British at the moment. Putin wants more power and the suspicion of him authorizing the attack on Sergei Skripal & his daughter won’t help!

No. Sport should not be mixed with politics.

Well that’s always a good reason to stay home! But why should the players have to suffer because of politics?

Yes. Can’t be doing with football all bloody summer.

No don’t cancel it, let’s inflict our footballers and their fans on the Russians , a fitting punishment :lol:

Even better! :cool:

My heart bleeds for those poor suffering footballers !
They will be delighted not to have to train in Summer and will retire to their various Carribean mansions and play with their millionaires toys .

Anything to do with soccer should be boycotted.


This was done by a few countries led by America when the Soviets held the games in 1980 the Russians were the first to try to stop the rise of islamist extremist in Afghanistan after the rising in Iran

The Americans led the boycotte but made the Yanks look stupid.

the Americans banned their athletes from competing and they are supposed to be the land of the free.

And you want the same ban on any football fans going there.

You and UJ should get married:twisted:

Yes i do some are bound to be hurt.
UJ likes Russia we wouldn’t suit.