Should have gone to Specsavers moment

My Specsavers Moment was going into the Gents Toilets and thinking what are they doing in here . .
They burst out laughing at my surprised look …

What was your Specsavers Moment ?

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A very similar story Eliza,
I was visiting the old caves in Hastings many moons ago with my late wife, not paying proper attention I walked into the ladies!
I was profoundly embarrassed, the ladies were rather cross, good job I had my missus with me.


A friend stopped to give me a lift.I got in and looked up to say thanks but it wasn’t him.
Just someone,luckily a man,parking outside their house.I made my excuses and left.

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Shopping and not realizing was talking to a complete stranger until my husband came down the aisle in opposite direction.

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Yes I remember sometimes turning round and starting to speak to my Hubby only to find hes not there …

Ive never got into a strangers car , but I did have trouble seeing where the bus was going as it approached the stop i was waiting at :grinning:

Its a bit of a shock when you not where you thought you was . :grinning:

My dear late Mum said she was coming to visit us while on on holiday in Yarmouth. She had booked Yarmouth on the Isle is Wight, not Great Yarmouth in Norfolk. Caused a bit of scare when she rang my sister and said she was in Yarmouth but it wasn’t in the right place.

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oh my goodness, did she cancel or go to I.O.W. :grinning:

Quite… although in this case more of a shock for the ladies I fear :slightly_smiling_face:

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Think she did not realise until she said she was on a boat, and my sister realised the mistake. She enjoyed the holiday, and we had a laugh about it. It was a coach holiday.

Just a bit she was in her eighties, and panicking.

I am always walking into the gents toilet by mistake! I soon know l’m in the wrong place by the fishy smell and the funny looking white things!

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My tale is similar to previous posts. My wife and I went into different charity shops, across the road from each other. When I came out of mine, a lady similar to my other half, was sitting on a bench opposite. I said to her, assuming it was my wife, " just a lot of tat in there, did you get anything?" She looked at me in bewilderment, then my wife appeared minutes later to my astonishment! I apologised profusely, then scarpered as quick as possible! :open_mouth: :scream: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Im loving these replies , bringing a smile and laugh …

That’s a comment that could easily be misconstrued.

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Didn’t happen to me but I was a witness.Some old gent having trouble opening his car(white).His wife comes along and says"No dear that’s ours over there" pointing to silver car.

Reminds me somewhat of Mac Fisheries, bring back the high street I say!

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Whoops! I meant those white ?trough things…Honestly! :laughing:

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