Shopping at tescos

Just got back from the big monthly shop for food at Tescos. Apparently they are having distribution problems and they had to check about the number of 5 ltr bottles of milk we had.

Is there a limit on how many you can buy now, RS?

They are probably worried about milk abuse. :grinning:

Haha! First it was toilet rolls, now its milk! :open_mouth:

Two of my favourite items :toilet::milk_glass:

Ahh so its all your fault we can’t find that stuff in the shops then? You are just flying around scooping it all up!

Can’t get broccoli either from anywhere, maybe no one to pick it now?. if there are not enough delivery drivers I can forsee limited amounts allowed just like before

The only thing we find that is in short supply in Tesco and Morrisons is smoked cod loin everything else is OK