Shoot in 4k or 1080p apology

Sorry about that but due to the poor quality of the internet what I wanted to show just didn’t show the difference enough. the video as well is also downgraded from 4k to 1080p for youtube, not shown on here
If fibre optics becomes available from BT instead or wires things may get better


Tried again to use youtube for the 4K video but quality was horrible
so this is just a sceen shot of one frame
I just don’t have a clue on downloading 4k MOV video to look half decent . If you could see it on my screen you would be gob smacked

done it picture zooms in at 0.09 into video. This is just for a test really, takes so long to get onto being able to post. The colours are spot on. Tap on picture to watch video zoom in at 0.09 minuits in


Yor opinions if you watch in 4K please