Shetland's New Lead

Shetland is to get a new female lead, that was a surprise I thought it would be another man.
Ashley Jensen is to take over, I’ve only ever seen her in Agatha Raisin and I don’t like her in that as she is nothing like the Agatha in the books. But I will watch and see how it goes.

BBC News - Shetland announces Ashley Jensen as new lead


Doesn’t she do voice overs on tv shows? Her name sounds familiar. Wish DH wasn’t leaving, but we have to respect his choice. I’d prefer a male lead, always.

ETA. She did the narration for The Airport: Back in the skies, this year.

Jazzi I had never heard of her before she landed the Agatha Raisin part. As I said I don’t like her in that, I have every Agatha Raisin book on audio and listen to them a lot, but Agatha is very much a Sybil Fawlty character, and is a small brunette not a tall willowy ditzy blonde who is not the part at all. Not that it’s her fault, it’s the programme makers messing it up, she is probably a decent enough actress, but I would still rather see a man in the part.

I too would rather see a Man play the lead ,I tried watching Agatha Raisin but couldnt get into it …
Having two female leads is going back to the Cagney and Lacey days …Will Tosh like being second fiddle to another woman .

Bit like when Dr Who changed to a female. Spoilt it for me. I preferred the likes of Christopher Eccleston and David Tennant.

The TV Series of Agatha Raisin is very very different to the books, actually the only thing they have correct is the titles, apart from that it bears no resemblance to the proper stories at all.
Same with the Hamish MacBeth stories the TV trashed them. If I were M.C.Beaton I would never have agreed to them making either of the TV Shows.