Shadow of Truth

I’ve just finished watching this shocking miscarriage of justice in Israel in 2006. All five episodes are on BBC I Player. A Russian guy was given life for the murder of a 13 year old schoolgirl, after he was made to confess. It’s a hard watch in mostly Hebrew, but well worth it. Just makes your blood boil about the stitch up by the Police.

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Right, I’m fluent so I’ll keenly watch. It never ceases to amaze me how many people were stitched up by police world wide. Thanks for digging this out :+1:

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I’m up to section 5 and it’s amazing how it has been slowly unfurling.

Finished it at last. . phew!
It was a mixture of modern Hebrew, broken Hebrew, some Ukrainian and Russian, all of which I understand, but I did notice that some of the sub titles were skewed to suit the programme makers; no more that I expect from todays documentary makers plus a rushed viewing of written evidence so no time to follow if it’s true to the verbiage.
Yes, a complete miscarriage of justice and hopefully the right murderer will eventually be up before the beak :+1: Those female students need a thorough shake out too because there were so many inconsistencies :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

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I found it strange that really weird girl referred to as AK, was not pursued more vigorously, and interviewed in depth. She apparently gave evidence at the retrial. What astonished me, was that there was only a majority decision by the three judges to free Roman, despite overwhelming evidence of his innocence. A truly disturbing case.

The major problem I have, it’s a film producer’s cut of probably many hours of footage and interviews and we’ve no idea what has been cut-n-shut and how much has been omitted.